Jack’s Place: A Montessori-Inspired Music Bedroom

Jack is our little musician. Right from when he was a tiny baby he always had an amazing ear for sound. While other babies would be happily playing outside he would be turning his head to listen to the sounds going on around him. Every stick is a drumstick, every shell is a tuba, every rock is a cymbal, every branch is a set of bagpipes. Yes, he is definitely our little muso.

Our little guy turned three recently. For his birthday we decided to make his room extra special; a place just for him. Here’s a little tour of Jack’s place; his Montessori inspired music bedroom.

Jack was so thrilled when we surprised him with a new room on his birthday. He loves playing in there now. His own little sanctuary.

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  1. I’m surprised he put down the uke to let you take a photo! 😉

  2. Hi Kate,
    I just discovered your blog – and I’m a big fan already! Although we live quite far away (northern Germany) – we have a lot in common from what I can read here. My little boy Noa just turned 3, and we do our best to raise him as a montessori child. And… just as Jack, he’s absolutely passionate about music and full of energy! I just saw your instrument and music cards in Jack’s bedroom – did you make them, or can I dowload them somewhere on the internet? I’ve been thinkg about such cards for a while – I’m sure Noa would love them! Well, I look forward to reading you and the story about your lovely little family – keep on writing!! Best wishes. Séverine

    1. Hi Severine, so nice to meet you. Our boys do sound very much alike! I got the cards from Montessori for Everyone. You can download them as a .pdf file.

  3. Just found your blog, and I adore it. I love Montessori, and Australia (and good photography!). This post is my favorite that I’ve read so far. Its so great that you would do something this wonderful for your son. My son is only 19 months, but is also in LOVE with music. If he could do anything all day it would be listen to music, sing, and dance. In fact he does this most of the day.

    We are moving soon and this has given me inspiration on how to design our son’s room at our new house!

    1. Our son’s sound very similar. Jack entertains me with other activities but left to his own devices he will always play music, sing, dance and just make a whole lot of noise. It is NEVER quiet at our house when Jack is awake 😀

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