A New Friend: Miles the Sock Monkey

Meet Miles. He’s off to meet his new best friend. You see, it is a very special little boy’s second birthday and Miles is all ready to go.

Miles loves playing dress-ups or just relaxing with a book. I sure hope his new friend likes him.

How to make a sock monkey


This was my first attempt at a sock monkey and while I think he looks a little odd, I quite like him. He was so easy to make. Just one pair of ladies knee-high socks, a couple of buttons for eyes, some embroidery thread for a mouth and my trusty sewing machine.

I used this pattern as a guide and then simply stitched him together. He took one lazy night in front of the t.v to cut out and then another to stitch together.

Jack loves him so much though that I think I will have to make another one.

2 Replies to “A New Friend: Miles the Sock Monkey”

  1. Glad you found good socks!! Miles looks very cute 🙂

  2. Made it safe and sound to his new home and one little boy is very happy to have him as a friend. He is now sound asleep with his new friend after a busy morning of birthday fun at the park.

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