Yoga for Children: Yoga as Therapy

I bought this book for Jack when he was maybe a year old. He was much too young to use it then but I loved it so much I really wanted it in our collection. It’s a wonderful little book and now that Jack is older he really enjoys doing his stretches.

I started doing yoga regularly with Jack as a part of his daily therapy. I’m completely hopeless, can’t even touch my toes, but these little exercises I can manage. At first Jack needed a lot of help to get into the positions and then I would hold him gently there for a count of ten. Now, except for the position which requires him to stand on one leg, he is able to hold each position comfortably.

We’ve been doing yoga together almost daily for about six months. It has become a part of our daily rhythm; yoga before quiet time. Jack’s balance, coordination and flexibility have improved considerably since starting yoga. This also means he is able to manage other tasks more easily; he is becoming more agile and relies less on the walls to stabilise himself when he is moving about the house. This was a major therapy goal for Jack; increasing independence and mobility at home. I know that the physical benefits he is getting from yoga are helping work towards this goal.

Plus he is ever so adorable when he is in those poses.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I am going to check this out from the library.

    1. Hope you find it. Our local library is quite small but if you do, it’s a great little book. Definitely the best toddler yoga book I’ve seen.

  2. I have started doing yoga daily for myself and have been looking for a way to inculde my little guy. This looks to be a great book.

    1. There are a few toddler yoga books around but I really like how this one is illustrated. It also shows the positions in the back of the book with their proper yoga names. Its a great little book.

  3. I remember when you bought this book!

    The girls copy me when I youg (that’s the term for it, ok? 😉 You can use it if you want…) it’s pretty cute. We should get together and youg… When the kids aren’t snotty, anyways. Maybe we can youg at the bot 😉

    1. Maybe and then we can eat eggplant together 🙂

  4. I’ll have to check this out. My little guy is sooo active right now and as I’m recovering from major surgery I can’t keep up with him. Yoga will be part of my rehab as soon as I can bend in the middle; maybe we can do it together. With luck it will have a calming effect on both of us!

    1. Hi Frances! Goodness, major surgery, I hope you are doing ok. It must be so difficult with the little guy running around too. It is so great to hear from you.

  5. I do Yoga with my toddler class – I was amazed how much they enjoy doing it. I use photos I found on Sew Liberated (, the kids love trying to copy what the little girl in the picture is doing.

    1. Thanks for the link Erin. There are some new poses in here that I think we could try. I think I might print them out and make some little yoga cards for Jack. I think he would really like having his own set of yoga cards.

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