Wool Block Printing

I was thinking that it was time for Jack to have some new artwork in his room. When we redecorated it for his birthday the colour scheme changed from light blue, green and white to bright blue and yellow. He had some beautiful green marble paintings but now they just didn’t match.

So today we did some wool block prints to go in his new room. We had some timber off-cuts hanging around, I was going to sand them and make them into blocks but the shape turned out to be perfect for wood block printing. I wrapped some wool around each block and then tied a knot. Then just wrapped (somewhat) randomly around the block until it looked like a good pattern, and tied another knot. I chose three colours to match Jack’s room and after a simple demonstration, he was away.

I think they turned out quite beautifully. Here’s a couple of Jack’s prints. Miraculously he didn’t mix up the paints too much. That is a definite first!

And this one is mine.

His prints displayed proudly in his room.

Don’t they look wonderful? 

12 Replies to “Wool Block Printing”

  1. So simple but so lovely.

  2. Samantha Savva says:

    They look gorgeous! Well done Jack!

  3. What a great idea! Such a cute way for him to bring his own design into his own space.

  4. Yup, they go really well 🙂 good job Jackjack!

  5. Kylie D'Alton says:

    At first the blocks looked really small but then I could see they were the perfect size for his hands. I guess you are not short on building blocks, I love these for their irregular size and shape.

  6. This bought back memories, when I was little my Pop used to build a lot of things and there were always pine offcuts everywhere – there are so many uses! I remember painting them, building with them, gluing them together or things onto them… the list goes on and on 🙂

    1. My Grandma use to have the most wonderful shed. Everything and anything you could think of was in there. We used to spend hours in there. Dad’s busily filling his shed so Jack and Sarah will have one just like it 🙂

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