Jack’s Chores: Learning Responsibility and Compassion

There are actually six members in our family. Meet Hunter and Kisses. They are Cocker Spaniels. Hunter is one of those dogs who seem more like people and Kisses…. hmmm possibly not the smartest dog but she sure is cute.

Jack adores them. Hunter is a very old boy and sometimes looks up at Jack from his restful position as if to say, yeah…I’m not going to get that ball, but Kisses will play any and all games Jack makes up with great enthusiasm.

Jack has a few responsibilities at home including making his bed, tidying up after himself and putting his dirty dishes in the sink. He also feeds our dogs. The dog food bag was a little difficult for him to manage so I put it in a container for him with a picture on the top. This way he knows how much to give each dog and can do it independently.

Jack really enjoys feeding the dogs and on these chilly mornings I quite like it too.

I think it is so important for children to learn that we share this planet with animals and other living things. That we are all connected; interdependent. That animals and plants need to be treated, cared for, with kindness and respect. It may seem like such a simple thing, scooping out two cups of dog food, but I think it teaches Jack responsibility and compassion and develops an understanding that our dogs rely on us to feed and care for them. A first step towards developing a value of stewardship towards all plants and animals.

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  1. So agree with you! I wish my husband would get onside, but he’s terrified our son will get some dire illness from touching cat food, and gets very frustrated when he spills kibble on the floor. So many areas our son could have more responsibility, but doesn’t because it’s easier to do it ourselves. Hopefully once I’m mobile again I can make some changes…

    1. I know what you mean Frances, it is often easier to do things for Jack too. But he so loves his little responsibilities. Maybe there are some little things that your little guy could do, or help you with, like making his bed, that doesn’t make a mess.

      Really hope you are up and on your feet again soon. xx

  2. randalin says:

    My little guy also loves feeding the cat everyday 🙂 I love how you’ve labelled the container – so smart!

  3. About the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. My folks had us doing chores from back before I can even remember. I was also on pet duty which sadly included picking up poop later one. That being said I’ve seen what adults who never did chores as a kid look like and I’m glad I’m not one of them.

    1. Hmmm I think that may become one of Jack’s jobs too when he is a little older. That was my job too when I was young! I know now why my parents delegated it to me and my sisters 😀

  4. debchitwood says:

    I love this … adorable photos and such an important concept! Your label and pictures on the top of the container are wonderful, too! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LivingMontessoriNow.

    1. Thanks for coming by Deb. Jack likes the label too. “two cups for you Kisses and two cups for you Hunter”…so very adorable.

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