Spinning and Twirling: A Waldorf Wind Wand

Waldorf calls them Wind Wands. Jack calls them Ribbon Kites. I think they would have to be the simplest and cheapest, and possibly most beautiful play thing I have made.

I made about ten of them last Christmas as gifts for all my friends’ children; each one cost $2 and took about 5 minutes to make. But I just LOVE them. We take them to the park on windy days and run and twirl and spin and giggle as our ribbon kites fly behind us. So simple, so beautiful.

All you need is a wooden curtain ring and some ribbon. I decided on four different shades of the same colour; Jack chose pink, but I also made blue, green, yellow and my favourite, purple. I used two metres of each shade so they would be nice and long and whimsical. Simply fold the ribbon in half and loop through the curtain ring. Easy.

Sarah has one too. Hers was given to us as a party favour but I had to alter it just a little; the ribbon is tied in double knots rather than looped so she can’t take it off.

Wonderfully simple fun. I have a go too, you’re never too old to twirl, I say.

10 comments on “Spinning and Twirling: A Waldorf Wind Wand”

  1. maewares

    Great idea to do with wooden teething rings that are just sitting around the house here!

    • An Everyday Story

      Generally they are made using a cane hoop but we had so many of these rings sitting around here too and they are the perfect size for little hands.

  2. anm

    Very cute, I’ve made something similar with crepe paper on windy days, I like that you can make them unreasonably long with the cheap crepe paper, and you get the same beautiful movement

    • An Everyday Story

      That would be a nice way to have many different colours and it not be too expensive. I just love the movement of the ribbons and I can imagine that the crepe paper would fly even more beautifully.

  3. kristin

    yeah, i just decided these will be our first activity at preschool…

    thanks for the inspiration!

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