Do You Remember Spirographs?

I used to love spirographs! I didn’t know you could still buy the kits. I thought for sure they were one of those cool things that were firmly stuck in the 80’s. Then we were out shopping the other day and I came across this Spiral Art Kit. Ok, so it is a pretty cheap kit, only $5, but I was just a little too excited and so got it anyway.

I justified my impulse buy by convincing myself that it was for Jack. Jack has difficulty with Bilateral Coordination – using both hands at the same time independently, it’s something we are working on with his OT. I’m always on the look out for activities which encourage him to use both hands. With the spirographs he needs to hold the tray with one hand and turn the handle with the other. Tricky. You can tell by the uneven pen strokes that this was a bit of a challenge. But so much fun. He really liked seeing the different patterns emerge. Aren’t they pretty?

I’m on the look out now for a slightly better quality kit; something with smoother gears. But for $5 it makes a great little Occupational Therapy activity. Oh I love spirographs 😀


5 comments on “Do You Remember Spirographs?”

  1. FrancesVettergreenVisualArtist

    That is totally different from the spirographs of my childhood (sixties, yikes)… We had little plastic discs with gears on the outside. You put your pen through a hole and rolled it around a bigger disc with meshing gears. Yours looks like fun.

    • An Everyday Story

      Yeah, I think that is what I remember ours being like too. When I saw this one I thought it looked a little different but couldn’t remember what my childhood ones looked like. They are so much fun though. And 60’s! That can’t possibly be right! You are a very cool Mumma!

  2. Liadhan Bell

    oh, how i loved spirographs as a child!! they were just so magical… those colours and patterns- i never got tired of drawing with them! we had those old-school ones with gears too…thanks for the reminder of that happy memory!

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