A Colour and Light Collage

Now that the days are getting shorter our usually bright and sunny playroom Β is quite dark by mid-afternoon. Gloomy? Not at all, it means that we can light up the walls with the OHP.

Jack usually takes a bit of time to wake up from his nap and settle into the afternoon. So to help with the transition I usually set up a simple activity on his art table. Nothing too elaborate, something he is familiar with and enjoys; something he can sit down and do by himself.

Today I’d set up a simple collage activity with contact paper when Jack asked to use the projector instead. Great idea! So I moved the activity from the table to the projector.

Just a piece of contact paper and some coloured cellophane; Sarah added the glass beads.

And this was the scene on our wall. Beautiful, isn’t it?

We missed our afternoon walk today, Jack and Sarah were too busy making ‘really beautiful patterns on the wall

8 comments on “A Colour and Light Collage”

  1. racheous

    This is just beautiful. I need to know more about that big cubby? To the right of the first pic!

  2. asmallschool

    Beautiful. I use an overhead in my classroom for making shadows and tracings. But I love this idea and it would be perfect for our foggy, winter mornings. I will now be on the lookout for a large white sheet to project on. Where did you get the colored cellophane?

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