The Quiet

I find myself walking ever so quietly around the house lately as two little people lay tucked up in bed. You see, they are sick. A horrible stomach bug has knocked them about. They have lost their appetites and only wish is to sleep or snuggle with mama under blankets. So with lots of cuddles, books and quiet time they are slowly getting better.

It seems even mother nature is sympathetic, turning on icy cold days perfect for encouraging little people to stay tucked away under blankets.

So while our house is still and quiet I hope you are all warm and well.


7 comments on “The Quiet”

  1. The Accidental Housewife

    I hope they are both on the mend. Are you doing ok? And I mean that in every sense of the word. I may even overcome my hate of phones and call you for a chat, it’s been way too long!

  2. Kylie D'Alton

    Oh it is cold out your way! I love blankets and snuggles. I hope the sun shines your way soon.

  3. tina macrae

    Again, you have a real talented eye when it comes to photography.
    I hope your little ones have a speedy recovery

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