Sweet Covered Button Hair Ties

I read somewhere once that little boys are noise with dirt on them. And little girls? Well for Sarah at least they are much the same although with longer hair. Which means I get to dust off my button making kit and make her some seriously adorable hair ties.

These ties are so gosh darn cute (and so simple to make) that I just keep giggling whenever Sarah walks past. Sarah seems quite pleased with them too; spying herself in the mirror and chuckling to herself.

So if you have a little lady in your life (or maybe some for you), have a go at this project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Now that you have your button, all you need is to attach the hair tie.

So simple. They wouldn’t take more than a minute or so to make each one. And aren’t they just the sweetest things?

I bought my button making kit from Jackobindi. They are an Australian stockist, which I like. These hair ties use a 28mm button but there are many different sizes. Have a go. But be warned, covering buttons becomes a little addictive. They are too cute to stop after just making a few!

Happy sewing.

6 comments on “Sweet Covered Button Hair Ties”

    • An Everyday Story

      I couldn’t believe how simple they were to make either. I saw someone selling some at a market a few years ago for $15 a pair! I bought a pack of 20 plain buttons for that price. I just love them 😀

  1. Kylie D'Alton

    Sarah with pigtails, too cute! Although I won’t be trying this, I didn’t know it was this simple! Love your fabric choices.

    • An Everyday Story

      The fabric was a scrap from a patchwork blanket I made for a friend. I really love the polka-dots.
      Yes, the joys of having a little girl 😀

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