Observational Painting from a Different Perspective

Our beautiful wattle tree has bloomed; a sure sign that Spring is on its way. The weather was gorgeous (as opposed to Friday where we had snow! Unheard of!), perfect for a little painting outside.

We have two of these long mirrors, the other one is in our playroom with our blocks. I love them for painting, the different perspective they offer. Set up under the wattle tree and the reflection was just beautiful.

Doesn’t it just make you want to paint? Yellow for the blossoms, green for the leaves and white for the clouds. Beautiful.

5 Replies to “Observational Painting from a Different Perspective”

  1. Beautiful, it really does make me want to have a go!

    1. such a great idea!

      1. Thank you. And the best part, besides the completely new perspective to painting is that everything cleans up so easily. Ready to paint again another day 😀

    2. And you can put it under any sky or tree for a completely new scene. Jack loves it. He concentrates so hard 🙂

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