This Week… 4/52

I think winter is behind us now. Each day is warmer than the next and we are finding ourselves being drawn outside more and more. 

My time as playgroup facilitator at our Reggio-inspired playgroup has come to an end. It was such a wonderful experience, having the opportunity to create beautiful activities for little ones. Thank you to all those who shared it with me.


A snapshot of our week, our everyday story

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5 Replies to “This Week… 4/52”

  1. that’s a beautiful week. 🙂

  2. Once again, I am so impressed with the activites you set up for the children! The outdoor photos are lovely and I love your Montessori room! Sarah’s hair is getting so long!

    1. Thank you 😀
      And her hair is getting long, isn’t it? It’s starting to curl up a bit and looks so darn adorable that I can’t bring myself to cut it….not just yet 😀

      1. Oh no, don’t cut it! She is adorable!

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