This Week… 6/52

Spring is such a beautiful time in Canberra. As if a little reward for making it through winter, Canberra puts on Floriade; a month long celebration of Spring. Thousands and thousands of tulips all intricately planted into different designs, together with poppies and daffodils and pansies, make for a gorgeous day out. We’ve been twice already and may just go one last time before it ends.

I am so happy with how the kids are engaging with the block corner. This week I challenged Jack (and myself) to build by only looking in the mirror. It was tough. Besides the spatial awareness needed to place the blocks on top of each other, I could really feel my brain thinking differently as I tried to build. It was a challenge, but with a lot of laughter as our blocks toppled off each other, we persevered until we were happy with our designs.

This week we learned that Sarah would need further treatment for her hip dysplasia. She will be in a night brace for the next six months. Hopefully this will be the last lot of treatment and she will then get the all clear.

I’ve been having a think lately about how I could organise our art space better. I wanted to make a ‘work-in-progress’ shelf for Jack’s project work. Somewhere out of Sarah’s reach but still in sight. This is what I have so far (photo 9), we’ll see how it goes.

And isn’t the last photo wonderful? Something so simple but it really made me smile. We found this little plant looking for a new home when we were at the Science Museum today. The world needs more things like this…


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5 Replies to “This Week… 6/52”

  1. buggy & buddy says:

    Love your photos~ especially kids drawing! And I love those place mats with the correct place settings traced~ must do that! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks Chelsey. I love that Jack is so interested in drawing now, it seemed for a while there that it was the last thing on his mind. Oh and those placemats are soooo easy to make, I just drew the outlines on and then stitched around them, so simple. But so great, you should definitely have a go.

      Have a great week too 😀

  2. Such pretty pictures, as usual. I have a couple seedlings I don’t know what to do with, and I’m thinking I might put them out on the street now. 🙂

    1. I was thinking the same thing too. Something so simple, a simple gesture of kindness, just made me feel so happy. I have a few celery seedlings…I wonder if anyone would want to them…

  3. I know this post is really old, but I’ve been going through all your posts from the beginning. My daughter is 18 months now and she too has hip dysplasia. She is in a night brace now as well. We go back at the end of this month, and hope we can be done with braces.

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