This Week… 9/52

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek.

Project 52 This Week from An Everyday Story

6 Replies to “This Week… 9/52”

  1. what a fun busy week you have had. I love Sarah’s peacock tutu! Evie also is the happiest girl when she has a bucket of water and a pot of dirt. 🙂 Catch up soon I hope. J 🙂

    1. Hi Jess 😀

      We definitely need to catch up soon. You guys can come round and Sarah and Evie can did in the dirt together.

      The little peacock tutu was for a friend. Her little twin girls turned one. I saw this tutu on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go. I was actually pretty happy with how they turned out and surprisingly not that difficult to make. I’ve been thinking now about what other bird tutus I could make…

  2. Your blog is amazingly beautiful and inspiring. So glad to have found you through the KBN.
    I particularly love this post. I love your use of the digital frame.

    1. Thank you so much Jackie 🙂 I got the idea for the digital frame from my son’s preschool. Every afternoon they put a slide show of a laptop for all the parents to see what the children have done that day. It was inspiring quite a lot of conversation. I thought I could do something similar in the art area as a way of reminding (and inspiring) Jack of some of the things we have done recently. It’s working wonderfully.

  3. I am having an intense time with Omar (16 months) and reading your post I felt full of energy and motivation. I was wandering if you share with me some of the activities you did with Sarah and Jack when they were the same age than Omar. Thanks a million.

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