How to set up a Reggio-inspired Activity

How to Set up a Reggio Activity - An Everyday StoryWell I have been busily jotting down my thoughts on how to put together a Reggio-inspired activity that will engage your child and appeal to their interests. You can find the page here: Setting up a Reggio-inspired Activity

It’s the 4th page in my Getting Started: Reggio at Home series. I’ve included a bunch of links to activities too. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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  1. Gorgeous. Thank you…Can you recommend some learning books for me as I venture down this path. I am a Montessori homeschooler but integrated a few other philosophies into our days. Beauty of being a homeschooler! 🙂 ~ Marnie

    1. That is the beauty of being a homeschooler, isn’t it? This is Jack’s first official year, he’s started ‘preschool’. Although to be honest, not much has changed 🙂

      There are some great Reggio books but most of them are intended for classroom teachers. Saying that though I would recommend Bringing Reggio Home as a really thorough introduction to Reggio. It is quite wordy with not too many pictures but the information is good. It was the first Reggio book I bought. I have a list of other books on my Reggio Books page under the Getting Started: Reggio at Home page (up the top).

      I’d be really interested to see you’re integrating some Reggio into your days. Do you think you’ll do some posts?

  2. I am interested in integrating many of the Reggio ideas for the days that i babysit my grandchildren. I have added mirrors and a light board, sand table, and multiiple water based activities. We do shaving cream, scented liquids, sensory gel bags, many forms of building activities (blocks, pegs, balancing part games, etc). I was very interested in reading how to set up a Reggio activity and some of your other blogs. Thanks for researching the information and passing it along in an easy user format. Keep blogging, we are still reading. Lisa

    1. That sounds wonderful Lisa. I can just imagine how much your grandchildren must love coming to visit. Jack and Sarah spend one morning a week with my mum and they truly treasure that time.

      Thank you for your very lovely comment.

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