This Week… 15/52

This week, as the temperature soared well into the 40s, and bush fires blazed around the country, with wind so hot it felt as if your face were on fire, we hunkered down inside in the nice cool air-conditioning.

Collaging - An Everyday Story Explaining how a fire extinguisher works - An Everyday Story Drawing fire - An Everyday Story Learning how to handle snakes - An Everyday Story Wallpaper paste and bubble wrap painting - An Everyday Story Building fire on the light panel - An Everyday Story Drawing outside with chalk - An Everyday Story Yoga for toddlers - An Everyday Story Making morning tea - An Everyday Story Playing with shaving cream - An Everyday Story Playing with tree blocks - An Everyday Story Purposeful writing practice - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


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12 Replies to “This Week… 15/52”

  1. Hi Kate! I love the light table fires….have you ever thought of using sea glass? There are a lot of suppliers on Etsy. I just wanted to ask you where your glass tiles are from. Also, that VERY cute yoga book title,please…..

    1. I have been on the look out for sea glass for a little while, it is so beautiful, isn’t it? I really love the natural colours. I hadn’t thought to look on Etsy though so thank you 🙂

      The tiles are plastic ones I got from Modern Teaching Aids and the yoga book is this one:

      It’s so lovely. I got it for therapy for Jack but Sarah is really enjoying it too now.

      1. Thanks Kate. Has your search for whimsical tales led you to Elsa Maartman Beskow, Sibylle Olfers & Astrid Lindgren – Steiner favs.
        PS: It’s Magnus’ mum – r u still in Tues’ group?

        1. Hi Julia! 🙂 Nice to hear from you. No we stopped playgroup after my term. Are you continuing again this year?

          I had a bit of a look for sea glass and couldn’t quite find what I was after. Do you know any Etsy stores that you would recommend?

          Thanks for the book recommendations, I’ll go and have a bit of a peek 🙂

          1. Hello Kate!
            Belated recommendations: Scottish beach finds & 6dDesigns were my stops. I purchased milk sea glass shards (opaque) to fill a test tube rack display with shades of colours. I’m going to use the rainbow collections of typical sea glass for my discovery window blocks and sensory/small world water play. Later I thought for sorting and then a light table when I get one! What do you know about those ultra, ultra slim ones with HIGH light production – they are towards the end of the MTA product listings. Also, there are some other great sea finds like tea pot lids that I think would be great for clay & manipulation work.

            Did you know Rebecca Whitford has also published “Sleepy Little Yoga” for bed/rest time…

            Yes, still attending. Does that mean you have a place for Sarah in the Montessori Parent-Toddler program?

            Hope all are well

  2. What a lovely week, lots of great things as usual. I love that Sarah has stickers on her hand in the snake picture!

    I’m linking up our week if that’s ok – it’s here:

    1. Thanks Eleanor 🙂 Lovely to have you back and feeling better again.

      Oh and Sarah is loving stickers at the moment. I found a bunch on her belly tonight when I got her ready for her bath haha 🙂

  3. It’s been too hot. We don’t have air conditioning, so we keep the house dark, and watch movies or read.

    Thank goodness for the respite of cooler days. This has been our week

    1. Goodness! No air-con?!? How did you ever survive? We had the curtains all closed up too. It was awful wasn’t it? I think it might have passed now…hopefully 🙂

      1. We do so for environmental reasons. We talk to the kids about how chewing up electricity creates more pollution and problems for the ozone layer which makes the earth hotter. We keep the house dark because we figure that light is heat. Our pug puppy copes the least and she has learnt to lay down on a wet washer. And the kids get Sunny Boys on hot days, we love Sunny Boys.

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