This Week…22/52

Window blocks - An Everyday Story

Firstly, I wanted to share these from last week…

Equine Assisted Therapy - An Everyday StoryDrawing - An Everyday Story Archery - An Everyday Storydrawing bows and arrows - An Everyday Storydrawing bows and arrows - An Everyday Story

This week…

Playing with light - An Everyday Story Window blocks - An Everyday Story light panel - An Everyday Story Weighing - An Everyday Story Mashing banana - An Everyday StoryMashing banana - An Everyday Story Playdough - An Everyday Story washing bikes - An Everyday Story Making dinner - An Everyday Story moveable alphabet - An Everyday Story Collage - An Everyday StoryCollage - An Everyday Story Hot Air Balloon - An Everyday StoryHot Air Balloon - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek. I’m kate_aneverydaystory. Hope to see you there.

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3 Replies to “This Week…22/52”

  1. What a lovely snapshot Kate. I really do love your little man’s drawings…such a wonderful stage of self expression isn’t it?
    The equine therapy sounds really interesting…would love to hear more about it…do hope it is proving helpful.That archery pic is so sweet. Have a great week x

  2. We have those window blocks, too – they’re great! Really interesting seeing Jack and Sarah helping out in the kitchen, my two are loving that now they have their ‘choppers’ – although interestingly they’ll only hold them in one hand, like a knife. Obviously been watching mummy more than I realised! I love the expression on Jack’s face in the balloon – did you get to go up in it?

    Here’s our week (sorry I’m a bit late linking up, we’re learning to use potties at the moment and I am mostly doing laundry…)

  3. What a delightful week. Oh the balloons! We’ll have to go next year…and yes! We’d love to meet you at the park one day. Maybe some time after Easter? x

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