Playing with Colours: creating, sorting, exploring

Playing with colours - creating, sorting, exploring from An Everyday StoryFor the last little while now, Sarah (23mths) has been really interested in colours. She comes to me proudly showing me a toy or a block or doll saying,’ Look Mummy, it’s green.’

On my Explorations for 2 Year Olds post for Playful Learning I showed you a couple of the colour activities I had put together for Sarah. I thought I might show you a few others as well.

Playing with colours - creating, sorting, exploring from An Everyday StoryThis little basket has engaged Jack and Sarah almost daily for quite a few weeks now. They adore making rainbows. For something so simple and so inexpensive, these two prisms have provided such wonderful opportunities for play.

I’ve recently added a couple of square acrylic mirrors. While not colours, Jack and Sarah like using the mirrors to catch the light and bounce it onto the walls.

A rainbow of colour swatches go nicely with the prisms. The triangular prism especially gives brilliant rainbows with bright vibrant colours. These colour swatches are nice to have just to reinforce the different colours. We have a bunch of these, you’ll see below, sometimes we take them with us in the car or on a walk.

Back in December I showed you a sweet video of Sarah sorting colours. This activity has really grown and she now enjoys sorting all kinds of different materials into colours.

Playing with colours - creating, sorting, exploring from An Everyday StoryThis is a simple activity for the light panel using acrylic mosaic tiles and plastic coloured shot glasses (pack of 20 from Woolworths). The mosaic tiles are in a small clear glass jar ready for sorting while the coloured cups and paddles are on the light panel.  The sorting activity in the first photo uses coloured wooden cubes from Spotlight and glass spice jars from K-mart.

Playing with colours - creating, sorting, exploring from An Everyday StoryHow many different uses are there for colour swatches? They are a bit like cardboard boxes, aren’t they? I like these large ones with just the one colour; gathered in a spectrum of colours with a keyring, Sarah likes to flip through them and run her fingers over the colours.

I bought this wooden game from Toyworld for Jack’s first birthday. I like it because it takes a little bit of coordination to put the wooden ring onto the stick. This one is in Sarah’s room at the moment on her shelves. She is able to sort the colours but putting the rings on is still a little tricky for her. She likes the challenge though.

Colours, like most other things, can (and most probably will) be learnt naturally just by being surrounded by them constantly; the sky is blue, the trees are green, the flower is pink. I think it is important to remember this. Particularly because Sarah is two (well almost) and learning comes so very naturally, these activities aren’t intended to teach her colours but rather to engage her in creating colours, sorting colours, playing with colours; focussing in on what interests her at the moment.


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  1. Love this and totally agree with your ending statements- my twins (25 months) love color play activities because they are naturally drawn to them. I think it’s so important not to be drilling academic concepts at this point in their development, but rather designing activities designed to engage them in their own interests. Pinning, as usual!

    1. I think so too Steph. I always find too that it doesn’t really matter what kind of activity I set up for Sarah, if it doesn’t meet her interests or is too easy or too challenging then she won’t want to play. It’s so much easier, isn’t it, to follow their interests. 🙂

  2. I love this post Kate, easy and yet seems very engaging!

  3. So many great ideas!

  4. I love everything you share! So inspiring and helpful 🙂

    1. Thanks Rach. You are too sweet 🙂

  5. hello! where can i get acrylic mosaic tiles?

  6. soledad carballo says:

    Hi! I love your blog! I want to know where I can buy this beatifull acrylic colors book? Thanks!

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