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 This Week...24/52


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  1. Just looking at this with my two snuggled either side of me – they’ve just got up from their nap. They really like the farm (as do I!) and they are fascinated by the sparklers!

    Here’s our week:

    We’re now going to go and watch “Sarah doing chopping” – they still love it and are demanding it as I type!!

    1. We have had the sparklers out for the last few nights. Jack and Sarah love them (and can be quite demanding too 🙂 )

      The farm was prompted after we happened upon some alpaca’s the other day. I really love this little play scene. Lots of lovely happenings going on here 🙂

      Oh and I love that your littles love the video of Sarah chopping. I think it would have to be my favourite thing on here too 🙂

  2. I will be curious to hear how things progress now that Legos have entered the house! My Jack was 3 in January, and Legos entered our house this past Christmas and on his birthday. I have such a love/hate relationship with them. I love them because they keep him entertained for long periods and he does some great creative play with them. I hate them because I feel like they now dominate his play to an extent that I do not like…I am not a fan of plastic to begin with, and now I feel like they are pushing aside some of the wonderful natural toys that he loved before. Also, he was given a number of “sets” and he constantly gets them broken apart (which is fine), but then wants myself or daddy to rebuild them because he is too young to follow the directions, so then it turns into him just sitting there watching us build instead of him building or being creative. Some of the sets themselves are good (a town and a castle) because he uses them almost as a “dollhouse”, and it does lead to some good creative play, but they also sometimes preclude him doing building on his own. Would love to hear your thoughts on legos, and also on how your Jack uses them with or instead of his other playthings.

    1. I wasn’t sure about lego for a while either for the same reasons you mentioned. Jack was given 3 sets and like you said they are difficult to build independently and so need a lot of adult assistance. We decided that while Jack was at an age where he wasn’t able to build the ‘sets’ independently we would put the books away and put all the lego into one large tub. This way he can build his own creations without the anxiety of not being able to build what he was ‘supposed to build’.

      I wanted the lego to be a manipulative for him to create with first and then as a tool for creative play. We build along side him but he builds his own things.

      We’ve decided to keep the lego in Jack’s room and not the playroom. Mostly because we didn’t want the pieces getting lost and also because Sarah still mouths a lot of things and so we wanted to keep the Lego away from her. Jack plays with it during his quiet time. I am happy that we took the books away. His creations are simple, but they are his.

  3. Krystal Dixon says:

    Would love to know where you sourced your farm small world items from? Very new to Reggio-based play resources in Australia!! Thank you

    1. Hi Krystal 🙂 Here’s what we have in the farm scene 🙂
      – a square scrap of fabric for the land
      – a round piece of felt (from Spotlight) for a dam
      – a knitted square (from Nanna) for another dam
      – the farm house and fences came in a set from Aldi (with the wooden animals
      – the fake grass, sheep and wooden rolling hill were given to us
      – in with the fence pieces are Rolka blocks (which are fabulous)
      – the felt balls are from ZartArt (they have a range of seasonal colours)
      – we made the tree blocks and green bushes
      – the artificial moss circle is from a plant nursery
      – the animal figurines are Schleich
      – the tractor is Siki (from Toyworld)
      – animal feed is Easter basket shredded paper

      Hope this helps 🙂

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