Jack & Savannah

Connecting with horses - Equine Assisted Therapy - An Everyday StoryIsn’t she beautiful? This is Savannah, Jack’s Equine Assisted Therapy friend. She’s gentle and gives the sweetest nuzzles.

Interacting with horses - assisted therapy from An Everyday StoryEquine assisted therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy - An Everyday StoryJack gets to spend time with Savannah once a fortnight. They go on nice long walks, walk over little hurdles and play games with balls and hoops. All the while strengthening Jack’s core and working on his flexibility and coordination.

Physiotherapy using horses - An Everyday StoryAnd all Savannah asks for in return is a few kisses and a gentle brush of her mane.

Next fortnight can’t come soon enough for Jack.

2 Replies to “Jack & Savannah”

  1. Alison Wells says:

    What beautiful pictures of Jack and Savannah….

  2. My girl love horses too.

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