What is ANZAC Day, Jack?

ANZAC Day Parade flag bearers - An Everyday StoryWhat is ANZAC Day, Jack?

We see lots of old people. They have lots of medals and walk in a parade.

National War Memorial Wall of Remembrance - An Everyday StoryWhat did we see when we went to the War Memorial?

We saw a fire in a pool (the Eternal Flame). When the fighting stops there will be no more fire. But I like fire. 

And we saw red poppies. It’s for lots of people. They died and didn’t come home.

And the red submarine! It has a really small toilet.

ANZAC Day Medals - An Everyday StoryYou’re wearing Daddy’s medals. Why does Daddy have medals?

Daddy got them when he went away. He got them to say thank you for making other countries safe.

And he has a badge too.

ANZAC Day Parade with children - An Everyday Day ANZAC Day Parade - photographing the parade - An Everyday Story ANZAC Day Parade - An Everyday StoyDid you like the ANZAC Day parade, Jack?

Yes. I saw horses and drums. And I can feel the drums in my chest. And that man has lots of medals.

And a man was riding a lawnmower (motorised wheelchair).

And we made ANZAC biscuits with Daddy.

ANZAC Day 2013 - An Everyday Story

“Once, long ago, there was a war my daddy says.

Many soldiers fought and died in a place called Gallipoli.

Some were from Australia and some were from New Zealand.

They died in places with names like The Nek, Lone Pine and Anzac Cove.

Their mums and dads waited, but they never came home.”

One day I will march on Anzac Day, and I will do the remembering.”


*excerpt from My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day by Catroina Hoy and Benjamin Johnson

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  1. What a lovely reflection on ANZAC day.

  2. LOVE the way you’ve written this Kate.

  3. What a lovely post and I too love the way you’ve approached it. A glorious reflection 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post on an important day.

    What a great reflection and a wonderful growing opportunity for your little one.

  5. What a special day, and a great way to keep the memories of it too 🙂 Love how Jack described feeling the drumbeat in his chest – I knew just what he meant

  6. What a special post…your little man really does have such insight and an inquiring mind….lovely x

  7. Just beautiful Kate! I love hearing from children, it’s always something that warms your heart.

  8. Every one of your posts is making me teary today.

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