Colours of Autumn

The Colours of Autumn - Observational drawing provocation from An Everyday StoryOne day a little bear and a little crocodile went for a walk. They went in search of coloured trees.

‘Mummy. Wow! Look at that tree!’ said the little bear, ‘It’s so beautiful.’

Ahh autumn. It is so very beautiful. This is our third autumn in Canberra, a far far cry from the wet northern tropics where we lived before here. I sometimes wonder how long I will be captivated by autumn, how many more years I’ll find myself catching my breath over a blazing yellow tree….and if this post makes my northern tropics friends insanely jealous, I’m sorry….sort of 🙂

Towards the end of autumn there is a sense of gradually moving inside, as the weather turns and winter sets in, but for now the glorious trees on every corner, in every front yard, beckon us outside.

Red Autumn Leaves - An Everyday Story Yellow Autumn Leaves - An Everyday Story Orange Autumn Leaves - An Everyday StoryWe took a walk today; Jack (4 yrs) and me with our cameras and Sarah (2 yrs) with a key ring of autumn colour swatches. We spotted red and yellow and orange. Jack happily snapped each new tree and Sarah delighted in finding a matching colour. We collected some leaves and acorns and after a long walk and many many photos later, with tired legs, we headed home.

Jack enjoys drawing and so I know a drawing provocation will always invite him in. I like to keep it simple, just white paper and oil pastels in autumn colours in this case. That way the materials can speak for themselves.

Autumn Drawing Activities for Preschoolers - Reggio inspired observational drawings from An Everyday Story Reggio Inspired Fall Activities for Preschoolers from An Everyday StoryWe talked about the leaves; what he noticed, why he thought they were changing colour. I think he remembered a lot from last autumn. We talked about the shape of the leaves, the veins, the texture and the colour.

Last week I put watercolours and paper out on the art table everyday. Since the Week of Playdough I’ve been putting out one main art material for a week for Jack and Sarah to create with whenever they feel inspired. Their creativity has soared. I think this might have been why Jack decided to use the watercolours as well today.

I like when they mix media, it always brings such surprising results. In this case Jack commented on the watercolours ‘going bubbly’ on the oil pastels.

Reggio inspired autumn activities for preschoolers from An Everyday Story Painting Autumn Acorns from An Everyday Story Mixed Media Observational Drawing from An Everyday StoryThe provocation is still on the art table for tomorrow. I have put some of Jack’s photos in the digital photo frame and added an Artline marker to the table. Since Jack added them, I’ve left the watercolours too with a jar of clean water.

He had a lot of questions about the veins on the leaves; what they were, why they were there, so I’m thinking we might investigate that further using the fine Artline marker tomorrow.

Oh and if you are wondering about the ‘bear’ and the ‘crocodile’, here they are on their walk today. Little cuties.

A bear and a crocodile - An Everyday Story

*and a happy surprise, Sarah, who is usually rather cranky come dinner time, invited in by the materials on the art table, sat and painted for nearly half an hour while I prepared dinner. Big smile from Mama.

* if you are looking for a Reggio-inspired art book, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. The Language of Art: Reggio-Inspired Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings is unlike any children’s art book I have read before. It gives you an entirely new perspective on children and art. I am constantly inspired by this book. 

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  1. Too beautiful! Very jealous of your autumny autumn!

    1. Isn’t it beautiful Rach? You’re in Sydney, aren’t you? It doesn’t get that autumny there?

  2. Kate, I absolutely love your posts. As a mummy to three and and ECE student you absolutely inspire me. Reading your posts makes me want to turn the clock back and have those early years again with my 8 and 6 yo. I can’t wait to finish my studies (6 weeks to go) so that I can have more time back with my 2yo before I completely miss out. I love the way you think and the provocations you offer your children. They are two lucky lucky kids to have such an amazing and inspiring mum. You are also making a very positive impact in our lives – your blog is our provocation. Thank you xxx

  3. I had a bit of cognitive dissonance over here. I saw Autumn and I went huh? As I watch the trees in NY take on beautiful light green sprigs and white flowers

  4. Such beautiful photos!

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