This Week…28/52

This week… project 52 

watercolours and oil pastel art - Reggio - An Everyday Story Reggio - leaf impressions in clay - An Everyday Story Reggio - working with clay - An Everyday Story Reggio - observational art - An Everyday Story autumn colour swatches - An Everyday Story practical life - unpacking the dishwasher - An Everyday Story Window blocks - An Everyday Story invitation to play trains - An Everyday Storyinvitation to play trains - An Everyday Story practical life - grating cheese - An Everyday Story Rolka blocks - Reggio - An Everyday Story art activities for preschoolers - watercolours and candles - An Everyday StoryDisplaying children's art - An Everyday Story Rotating toys - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


If you feel inspired to share a moment from your week, please leave a comment with your link below or pop over to Instragram and use the hashtag #p52thisweek.

I’m kate_aneverydaystory. Hope to see you there.

 This Week... 27/52

*Joining in with The Boy and Me.  

7 Replies to “This Week…28/52”

  1. Loving Sarah’s bed hair again 😉 All your art activities look so fab, really inspiring, and I like that you put their work on display straight away. You are so lucky with those colour swatches, I just can’t find any that sort of size over here, only tiny ones on graded strips!

    I have a similar picture of window blocks in the sunshine on my Project 52 this week 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!
    Over in our part of the world, nature is just waking up (finally!), so we’re all set for some spring adventures and explorations.

  3. Loving those Autumn leaves….we aren’t getting those colours here yet unfortunately. So much fun to use them with clay…what an interesting sensory experience that would be for them!
    Sweet little train play invitation…such inspiring pics as always…enjoy your week ahead!

  4. Really beautiful photos. Those leaves are just so pretty – I adore autumn and the different coloured leaves. X

  5. I just love seeing these every week. They are so inspiring!

  6. Hi! I’m just discovering your blog and I already love it <3 Excuse me for my not very good English – I'm a French mother and I have the project to unschool my little girls (5 and 3 years) in september 🙂 So I read and search a lot of things and inspiration, and your posts are very beautiful, engaging and inspiring.
    I have two questions on this post:
    * The wooden forms with transparent colours are wonderful! Where did you find it? Can you give me a Web link where I can buy it or did you make it yourself?
    * Can you advise me a book (in English, I can read it) about pedagogies that inspirate you?
    Thanks a lot, and have a beautiful day 🙂
    PS : and thanks for sharing all your precious ideas with everyone!

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