Exploring Magnets

Exploring Magnets - activities for toddlers from An Everyday StoryLots of lovely magnetic bibs and bobs made for a wonderful, impromptu exploration. Some washers, a few nuts & bolts,  a small metal bar, some brackets, a packet of round fridge magnets, some magnetic balls and about a dozen random Geomag pieces, together with an oven tray and some hand-magnets; Jack (4yrs) and Sarah(2yrs) loved it.

Reggio activities for toddlers - exploring magnets from An Everyday Story Loose parts - exploring magnets from An Everyday StoryThey like magnets but this was the first time I’ve given them the oven tray. I’m not sure whether it’s because Jack loves building so much or whether the tray looked like a building surface but Jack soon started building and the hand-magnets were put to the side. He built lots of little sculptures and a very sweet dining set for some hungry penguins.

Magnet constructions from An Everyday Story Imaginative play with magnets from An Everyday StorySarah was very intrigued by the Geomag pieces. Those magnets are strong, aren’t they? They kept sliding around the metal bracket and sticking to each other. Fascinating.

Playing with magnets - explorations for toddlers from An Everyday Story Playing with Magnets - activities for toddlers from An Everyday Story

It was a really wonderful exploration; inviting and engaging. Jack had some really great questions about magnetism,

Why do they move? Why do they stick? What’s magnetic?

I’ll leave the materials out so they can continue playing with them; I’m looking forward to seeing what answers he comes up with.


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  1. I love exploring magnets with little people. So fascinating. I did a post ages ago on ways to explain it to little kids if you think it’d be useful. You look like you have some great magnetic sets there 😀

  2. Love the oven tray idea! Magnets are always a big hit. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to try them out again.

  3. The way you present materials, and even posts is so beautiful. Amazing to see Jack build with them the way he did, and I adore his little dining set up! We have magnet play too, but I’ve never presented it like this… inspired 🙂

  4. how interesting would this be to a child. Ive never done magnet play with dimples. thanks for the inspiration.

  5. magnets are fun! We have a little jar with metal things and a magnet in it, but nothing this big and fancy. oven tray is a great idea. I remember seeing on Playschool once a little paper rabbit with a paper clip on it’s foot being moved around on a tray as if it was iceskating – moved by a magnet held underneath the tray attracting to the paper clip – does that make sense? fun.

  6. What gorgeous magnets! You’ve inspired me to buy some more magnets. This looks wonderfully engaging.

  7. Mr 8 still plays with magnets and has 2 boards for his creations.

  8. Cam has been asking about magnets lately. Your post has prompted me to make a new purchase. Thanks for the links too. I

  9. We love magnets here at our house!
    What a sweet little set up Jack made for the penguins.

  10. We’re only just starting to explore the world of magnets here and you have provided much inspiration Kate…thankyou! Beautiful pics as always and i adore his little creation on the tray…fascinating the way they explore isn’t it?Have already shared on FB x

  11. Love these magnets! We’ve never had any, I’m sure the boys would love them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. It’s encouraging to see that your two year old was playing too. I can’t wait to do this with Possum. Thank you

  13. This frightens me, actually. Magnets are extremely dangerous, especially if they can be swallowed, especially by smaller children. I would say 4 and 2 are too young. Some of the magnets in this piece look like those that have been recalled due to repeated incidences of children swallowing magnets, which can be fatal. I’ve had personal experience with this and now warn every parent and teacher I meet about these toys.

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