This Week… 35/52

chalk pastels - An Everyday Story

{Project 52} This week…

numbers and counters - An Everyday Story simple addition - An Everyday Story paring knives - An Everyday Story our playroom - An Everyday Story planting apple trees - An Everyday Story digging in the garden - An Everyday Story drawing with chalk pastels - An Everyday Story chalk pastel volcano - An Everyday Story chalk pastels - An Everyday Story crimson rosella - An Everyday Story birdfeeder - An Everyday Story Magna tiles on the light panel - An Everyday Story painting - An Everyday Story individual creativity - An Everyday Story

A snapshot of our week, our everyday story


 This Week... 34/52


  • Our numbers and counters and sandpaper numbers are from Wood Puzzles (Australian stockist). You choose the script depending on your state or territory.
  • The wood chip counters are from ZartArt
  • The knives are paring knives I picked up from Woolworths

6 Replies to “This Week… 35/52”

  1. Kate how do you deal with things like abandoned paint pots? 😉 I mean, how do you deal with order and cleanliness after art activities? Do you let Jack use whatever he wants when he wants, or have you imposed some rules?

    Thank you!

    Nice week BTW. I wish the bird in my feeders were as exotic as the one you lucky Australian gals have…feel the jealousy here?

    1. These ones were from Sarah. Jack is pretty good at putting his materials away when he has finished (or tidying them so he can use them again later) but Sarah will often just walk away. I ask Sarah to come back and tidy her area. She can do it once reminded 🙂

      I do have some rules for keeping order; they have to treat the materials respectfully and tidy up when they have finished. Painting and clay always gets pretty messy which I don’t mind so long as they are focussed and not being silly.

      In our old house we had space to have the art materials freely accessible. We don’t have room at our new house. They are in a low cupboard near the dining table so Jack needs to ask when he wants to use them. A lot of the time I will get some materials out put them on the table. I’m still working on the outside art area…

      And aren’t those birds just so beautiful! We really are quite spoilt here. All those bright colours. Just beautiful. 🙂

  2. Since I am asking questions, mind ig I ask you one more?

    Do you feel Jack is getting more independent in managing his learning, or do you prepare loads of invitations of provocations still to get him going?

    Thank you again

    1. Absolutely 🙂 I am definitely putting out less provocations for him. He’ll get out a lot of the learning materials by himself and work with them. With a new project though I’ll put out an initial provocation but then he generally takes it from there. He likes to do a lot of the same thing – reading, drawing, building, painting, sculpting – that sort of thing, the only thing that changes is what he is studying 🙂

  3. I love that train too! Gorgeous pics of your week as always! Looks like lots of fun planting and your bird feeder is working a treat….so lovely to have birdy friends to watch in the garden!

    1. We are loving having the birds come and visit us. Jack and Sarah pop their heads out every morning to see who has joined us for breakfast 🙂 and get soooo excited when there is a little bird having a snack 🙂

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