Today was…

small world - An Everyday Story

Today was a home day. A day of nothing in particular and no where in particular to be. I love a home day.

I thought it would be fun to snap a pic of Jack and Sarah every hour throughout the day. So at…

8:30 – Playing with her doll house

doll house - An Everyday Story

Building with Magna-tilesmagna tiles - An Everyday Story

9:30 – Reading togetherreading books - An Everyday Story

10:30 – Looking at x-rays on the light panellight panel and X-rays - An Everyday Story

11:30 – A little small worldsmall world  - An Everyday Story

12:30 – Playing cricket outsideplaying cricket - An Everyday Story

1:30 – Quiet time…

2:30 – Scootingscooting - An Everyday Story

3:30 – Looking for birdsBirdwatching - An Everyday Story4:30 – Heading out for a little mama exercise

riding in the trailer - An Everyday StoryI love slow days. A nothing planned day. A day to just potter about. That was today.

How was your day?

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  1. Alison Wells says:

    Lovely pics. It always great to see what you are doing.

    How is our day? 1.20pm and my minded children are sleeping and this afternoon we are off to Sports Day as the school my Finn will go to the end of August. Today is a lovely warm summer’s day (making the most of it…never lasts too long!)

    1. How was the sports day? They are such fun, aren’t they? Jack plays soccer and it is just the sweetest thing.

      A friend of mine in Alberta said that had snow days this summer! That’s crazy. You’re in England, aren’t you?

  2. I love your patio! What a perfect spot for scooter riding! 🙂 Our day just started here…definitely going to be a rainy stay at home day. Haha to be honest about 3-4 days of the week are home days for us. One day we have playgroup, and maybe we’ll get together with friends one other day, but aside from that we are home. Really liked this post as it helps me get an idea of what others do on a typical day at home!

    1. When Jack and Sarah were younger – a couple of years ago – we spent most of our days at home too. I really liked it actually. Now it seems that we are always out. Jack does horse-riding, gymnastics and soccer. We also go to a science class once a fortnight and try to catch up with friends once a fortnight. It’s busy. A little too busy actually. I’ve been trying to see how we can spend more days like this one at home. I really love home days.

  3. My kids are the same age. What kind of scooters do they have? We use balance bikes but I sometimes wish we had an alternative too.

  4. This is so sweet! I love home days! Our lives can get very busy, and for my own sanity I completely require a home day at least once a week. I love seeing the photos of your kids’ play.

    1. We used to have so many home days when the kids were bubbas but now we seem to be out a lot. I absolutely need at least one a week too 🙂

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