Exploring Rocks and Minerals

Reggio activities for toddlers and preschoolers - Exploring rocks and minerals - An Everyday Story Sometimes it’s nice just to lay out beautiful natural materials for no other purpose than to just explore; to feel their texture, to be intrigued by their colour and their shape, to notice tiny details and wonder about their origins.

Beautiful natural rocks and minerals; agate and quartz, amethyst and amber, and so many more that we are yet to identify.

Reggio explorations - rocks and minerals - An Everyday StoryArranged simply with a large round mirror and clear plastic containers to draw Jack and Sarah’s attention toΒ the materials. A magnifying glass to investigate a little more deeply and some wood chips to add contrast.

Exploring rocks and minerals - An Everyday Story Reggio activities - rocks and minerals - An Everyday StoryJack was mesmerised by their beauty; carefully picking each one up, running them between his fingers, looking closely at the colour and noticing the difference in texture.

He started sorting the rocks and minerals into sets using the small containers. Then creating patterns with the wood chips.

Reggio activities for toddlers - rocks and minerals - An Everyday Story Rocks and minerals - An Everyday StorySarah used the agate and the wood chips to make towers, adding little rocks and minerals to the top once she had finished.

A very simple exploration but one that definitely inspired wonder.

*Β I bought our gems and minerals from the Australian Geographic store. The agate slices are from the National Dinosaur museum here in Canberra.

* I am really happy with our Rocks and Minerals nature guide. The pictures are large and colourful. I’m learning a lot about rocks and minerals πŸ™‚Β 

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  1. Wow, where did you get this amazing collection of rocks from? They are just beautiful and such a lovely play tool. My daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Treasure!

  2. This looks like an activity I’d be totally in to. I just need a bunch of those awesome rocks!

  3. This is gorgeous! I am so in love with all the mirrors that you use. I really am inspired to try this with R. Where did you source all of your beautiful rocks? We have a few which we bought from the dinosaur museum in Canberra – nothing as beautiful and colourful as these though.

    1. Check out the Australian Geographic shop Ness. I bought our smaller ones from there.

  4. I am also interested in sourcing a beautiful collection like this so would love to be pointed in the right direction

    1. Hi Ronnie πŸ™‚
      I bought the agate slices from the National Dinosaur museum here in Canberra and the small rocks from the Australian Geographic store πŸ™‚

  5. Those are such beautiful stones, my fingers itch to feel them. It reminds me of when I was younger (about 10 I think). I was into rocks and when our family took some trips to the mountains I was sure I was going to find real emeralds.

    1. I loved rocks as a child too. When I was small, about 7 I think, we lived in the middle of Australia, in Alice Springs. I remember taking drives with my dad and geologist uncle and finding enormous amethyst just laying there in the red dirt. Of course they are all gone now, but 25 years ago it was like finding treasure. Such great memories.

  6. You have some beautiful stones. I love how you use mirrors in play, I’ll have to try this. On the weekend we went panning for gold & dimples is always finding cute pebbles and rocks for me, he would love exploring stones like this

  7. Just saw your note that some of your gemstones were also sourced from the Canberra Dino museum. R LOVED it there and whenever we say “what do you want to do today?” he always replies “Let’s go to the dinosaur museum!”.

  8. Love the concentration look on the faces. great activity

  9. Beautiful. I have been eyeing off some semiprecious stones but had no idea what we’d do with them. Just examining them is a great idea. And on a mirror too. So engaging!

  10. Ooh, I was just going to ask, where did you get them???? I want!! And then saw where you got them from haha. Great idea. I’d love to add some of these to our natural materials collections. Looks like we’ll have to visit the Australian Geographic store! I wonder if the National Geographic store would have them? Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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