Simple Math: Finding Shapes in Nature

Using a camera to document shapes in nature | An Everyday StoryI’m over on Kidspot sharing one of our favourite things to do while out for a walk; looking for shapes. Have you ever been on a shapes walk? It’s so much fun, Jack and Sarah run from spot to spot excitedly pointing out another circle or a huge square or a tiny little oval.

Using a camera to document shapes in nature | An Everyday StoryAnd I see all you lovely Northerners are heading back to school soon. A shapes hunt might be a nice way to revise some math while having fun running around outside. So pop over to Kidspot and say hi.

Simple Math: Finding Shapes in Nature

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  1. Lovely idea 😉 what is the camera Jack is using ? Thank you

    1. Thanks Fanny. Jack’s using the Playskool Showcam.

  2. I love this idea. We’re always looking for ways to give our walks some variety! I would love to read more ideas in the future. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mel 🙂
      We often go in search of things…colours, shapes, numbers, textures… or we’ll go bird spotting. Other times we’ll collect treasures. Mostly though, if we don’t have to be anywhere by any particular time, we just walk nice and slowly, often doubling back, or standing still, and Jack and Sarah will find things that catch their attention.

  3. Thats also a great way to get them used to drawing. Getting them to see the simple shapes that in nature. Mona Brooks talks about the 5 elements of shape and how all shapes fit into those 5 elements

    1. Thanks Faigie, I’ll have to look her up 🙂 After this particular walk, Jack and Sarah were still quite buzzing from finding all the shapes and so did want to draw some when we got home 🙂

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