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Join us on a playful tour around the world for Playful Learning

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Jack and Sarah will be telling you a little about themselves as part of Playful Learning’s Playful World Tour.

Hi everyone, we’re Jack and Sarah. Sarah is two and I’m four…nearly four and a half. We live in Canberra; the capital city of Australia. Canberra is a beautiful city, it has lots of fun places to go, lots of parks and lots of trees.

| Reggio-inspired and Project-based Living and Learning | Reggio-inspired and Project-based Living and LearningWe live in a small house but we have a big backyard. We love to feed all the beautiful birds that come into our yards. We’ve been learning about the birds, so far we have spotted rosellas, galahs, cockatoos, magpies and currawongs. We even saw a beautiful king parrot the other day. He was huge, and bright green and red.

It’s winter at the moment. But it’s not very cold, so we can still go outside and play. Sometimes we get frost on the grass and we like to crunch it with our gumboots.

I love to play with my blocks, and dancing, I love dancing. Sarah likes to play with her dolls and climb the eucalyptus tree in our backyard. I love my scooter too and riding my bike. We saw some yellow wattle today when we were riding. It was really beautiful.

| Reggio-inspired and Project-based Living and Learning | Reggio-inspired and Project-based Living and LearningMy favourite place is the Arboretum. It has a really fun playground. It has really big pods, like gumnuts. And inside the pods you can play drums and make lots of fun sounds. It has lots of trees too.

I like playing with my friends. Sarah does too. We do break-dancing and sometimes pretend to be spiders. Sarah said she likes to run with her friends. I like to plant plants too. But they take a long time to grow.

What is your favourite place to play?

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Here’s the questions:

Where do you live?
What season is it there now?
What is your favorite way to play?
What do you like most about learning with friends?
Can you tell us something special or different about where you live or games you play?

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