4 Replies to “This Week…39/52”

  1. Loving Sarah’s ‘painty round and rounds’ – we get lots of those here too! Your basket of goodies for the arboretum looks so appealing – I think my two might enjoy that soon 🙂

    1. Jack used to love round and rounds too 🙂 I think your two would love a little art basket, Sarah does. I put crayons and watercolours in for her along with a clipboard and some paper. Just simple but I think just being outside is enough to inspire 🙂

  2. i just started following you on instagram and pinterest.
    my daughter is only 10 months but when i browse your blog I get so excited about all the fun we can have playing AND learning. being a parent used to freak me out, but each day i keep realizing how amazingly fun it is! Moms like you are so inspiring and I hope to implement some of your genius ideas into our growing family! 🙂

    1. Hi Kindsey Thank you so much for popping by and saying such lovely things 🙂 10 months is such a beautiful age. Lots of wonderful sensory exploration 🙂

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