The Colours of Spring

{Reggio-inspired Living and Learning}

An Observational Painting Activity

We have a tree in our backyard. When we moved in it was all straggly and seemed to be popping up shoots all through the bottom of the yard like a weed. I had been rather enthusiastically pruning trees and that particular one was in my sights.

‘You can’t chop that down.’ Dad said. ‘That’s a wattle.’

Well two months later that tree has completely redeemed itself. It’s in full bloom and our backyard is alive with bright yellow flowers. The native birds are flocking to our yard more than before and every morning I wake up, look out my window and am greeted by this gloriously sunny tree.

{Reggio-inspired Living and Learning}So in honour of the tree I almost chopped down, we’ve been celebrating the return of spring and exploring all its beautiful colours with a little observational painting.

{Reggio-inspired Living and Learning} {Reggio-inspired Living and Learning} {Reggio-inspired Living and Learning} {Reggio-inspired Living and Learning}

Some sticks to paint the fine wattle leaves and cue-tips for the flowers. I think oil pastels compliment paint nicely so I added some different shades of yellow, green and brown oil pastels too.

{Reggio-inspired Living and Learning} {Reggio-inspired Living and Learning}{Reggio-inspired Living and Learning}

All those new wattle trees are still in our yard; the shoots from the original tree, I didn’t chop down one. I’m now hoping they grow strong and continue to fill our yard with their sunny yellow blooms for many years to come.

13 comments on “The Colours of Spring”

  1. Elle Langley

    Hi, your posts are very inspiring & your photos beautiful. I was wondering which camera you use? Thanks, Elle

    • Kate

      Hi Elle, I have a Pentax k-x. I bought it a few years ago now. While I still have a lot to learn I am really happy with it.

  2. racheous

    So lovely. I hadn’t thought to use paint with oil pastels but it is beautiful, I will have to do this with my littlies.

    • Kate

      They go together really nicely Rach 🙂 If you paint first you can then draw in the paint with the oil pastel.

  3. Andrea :: Crafting Connections

    This is such a beautiful idea and lovely creating – I would love to do this myself, and I’m sure my 2 little ones would be just as excited. We’re on the other side, so it’s autumn here, but how much fun would this be to do with colored leaves? I’m so glad to have found your site!

    • Kate

      It would be so very beautiful with autumn colours. All those magnificent reds and yellows and oranges. Just beautiful.

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