How many shades of green do you see?

Green by Laura Vaccaro SeegerForest green

sea green

lime green, pea green…

…all green…

forever green

~ Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

When we see colour, what do we see? Do we notice the different shades of colour? When we use colour, what colour do we use? Do we use the colour straight from the tube?

Our tiny world is full of magnificent shades of green;

Moss Green - An Everyday Story
moss green
Green Plant - An Everyday Story
tree green
New Green - An Everyday Story
new green
Green Flowers - An Everyday Story
flower green
Curly Green - An Everyday Story
curly green
Green Grass - An Everyday Story
grass green
Green leaves - An Everyday Story
leaf green
Gum Green - An Everyday Story
gum green

All green.

Reggio inspired living and learningPainting green

All green.

We enjoyed hunting around our backyard and finding many different shades of green. It was a little tricky at first but as Jack and Sarah collected they began to notice the differences and carefully compared each one.

We often go on colour scavenger hunts, but this was our first try collecting as many different shades of the one colour as we could. Challenging but fun.

How many shades of green do you see?


Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger is a truly beautiful book. It awakens the child’s senses to the different shades of green which surround us.

It is also sublimely illustrated; paintings with beautiful thick brush strokes, make you want to gently run your fingers across the pages, they are that beautiful.

Admittedly I bought this book for myself because it was just too beautiful to leave on the shelf. Jack and Sarah love it too though, especially the cut-outs which cleverly guide the child through the book.

Green is a very simple book, but its beauty is in its simplicity; the words may be simple but the concept is deep and fulfilling.

I highly recommend this book. 

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  1. You might want to get over to a paint supply store and pick up a bunch of the paint chips they have there. The amount of shades in each color is awesome.

    1. Oh yes we have many many paint swatches in all different shades. With this exploration we used a range of green swatches to help identify different shades of green in our environment. We love paint swatches here too 🙂

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