A Paper Mache Bowl

How to make a simple paper mache bowl | An Everyday StoryI have such fond memories of making paper mache masks and animals when I was young. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed it until I introduced Jack to paper mache a few weeks ago.

It was one of those perfectly sublime experiences when you get completely lost in the process. Jack and I sat quietly for what seemed like ages running our hands over wet-gooey newspaper.

I’m happy to be a new contributor to Kids Activities Blog. My first post is about making a really simple paper mache bowl. I’m looking forward to writing for KAB and sharing a little bit of my craftier side. I’ve just finished up a second post for them and it felt really nice to get my hands moving again.

Hope to see you all over there.

Paper Mache on Kids Activities Blog

2 Replies to “A Paper Mache Bowl”

  1. Lisa Walker says:

    I recently read that if you shred and soften a cardboard egg carton that it already contains the ingredients needed to help reform the pulp that normally would be added by the crafter when using paper pulp. I’ll have to try it. It would segue nicely from paper mache strips to another medium of paper forming.

    1. That sounds really fascinating. So you don’t need any glue? It would segue very nicely….hmmm I might need to collect some egg cartons 🙂

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