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  • This beautiful art project from my favourite blog, This Brown Wren
  • Try these ridiculously simple and delicious flourless and no nut chocolate brownies from Digestible Kitchen – actually, try everything, it’s all so delicious especially for families with food sensitivities like ours
  • This children’s book on Green Acorns looks truly beautiful
  • This wonderfully affirming post from Peaceful Parents Confident Kids about the challenges that come with respectful parenting. And while you’re there, check out Kate’s post on labeling children as ‘shy’
  • This collaborative art project between a mum and her daughter on Tinkerlab

Tinkerlab - collaborative art projectOn Etsy

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4 Replies to “Good Things from Nice People”

  1. Thanks for the link to Digestible Kitchen Kate – so glad you are enjoying the recipes!

  2. Oh what a lovely list of goodies! Thanks so much for sharing my little blog!! I am always so inspired by your space so I’m chuffed you enjoy mine. WIshing you a lovely week 🙂 x

  3. Thank you so much for the link, Kate. I feel honoured to a part of your ‘Good People’ list. xx

  4. Just loved the video from Roseville Community Preschool. Such amazing ideas and it’s got me thinking about so many new play spaces
    I want to create form my 2 boys

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