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building - An Everyday Story
A cardboard city
Dress ups - An Everyday Story
A little fairy in the garden
steam merry-go-round - An Everyday Story
Riding the steam merry-go-round
Merry-go-round - An Everyday Story
Smiles the whole way round
Sandpit - An Everyday Story
Love a sandpit full of randomness
World landmarks - An Everyday Story
Exploring world landmarks
Park on Saturdays - An Everyday Story
A play at the park after soccer
flying fox - An Everyday Story
Not much beats weekends with Daddy
Park - An Everyday Story
A small boy amongst tall trees
Playdough - An Everyday Story
Little playdough cupcakes
A lone gnome in her abode
Magnatiles Disney Castle - An Everyday Story
The Disney castle
Fountain - An Everyday Story
Sure we can stop to see the fountain
crafting - An Everyday Story
Crafting at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG)
scissors - An Everyday Story
Concentrating hard on cutting
cardboard cars - An Everyday Story
Jack loves this cardboard car so much!
CMAG toddler painting - An Everyday Story
Art class in the children’s atelier at CMAG
Apple blossoms - An Everyday Story
Playing with apple blossoms on a windy day

Snippets of our days. Our everyday story

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World landmarks from Safari Ltd: These little figurines are really wonderful. There are a few different sets. As Jack and Sarah’s interests grow, I’d like to add to our collection.

* Sarah’s playing with the Haba Marble Ball Track Building Set we bought for Jack last Christmas. 

* Our Magnatiles: Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece Set

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  1. channonsworldchannon says:

    I love your map with the little landmarks. Can I ask where you got them?

    1. Aren’t they wonderful? We love them too. They are from Safari Ltd. They are the Around the World Toob This is the set we have but there are some others too with different landmarks.

  2. The landmarks are gorgeous aren’t they Kate? I love the magna tiles too. We have those on our sons Christmas list this year.

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