This Week…

This week…

chalk drawings - An Everyday Story
I wonder who these people are…. I can see a lovely astronaut though and a rocket
Haba Marble Run - An Everyday Story
We bought these marble run blocks for Jack for Christmas last year. He builds with them most everyday. If you have a little builder they are definitely worth the investment.
Construction sticks - An Everyday Story
So much frustration being channelled here. These little construction sticks are quite challenging.
Driving a boat - An Everyday Story
‘Yes’ Day. Tuesday was Yes Day. Yes we can go for a boat ride…and drive the boat…
Driving a boat on the lake - An Everyday Story
Yes you can drive it for as long as you want…
Old Parliament House - An Everyday Story
Yes you can play in the sprinklers outside Old Parliament House…
Mist sculpture - An Everyday Story
Yes we can wait around for the mist sculpture to turn on at the National Gallery…
Sculpture garden - An Everyday Story
Yes we can linger at the cones….
cicada shells - An Everyday Story
…and take home some treasures
Chocolate brownies - An Everyday Story
The yummiest and easiest no-flour brownies you ever did eat.
Homemade Lemon Sorbet - An Everyday Story
Summer means homemade lemon sorbet
Homemade chocolate icecream - An Everyday Story
and creamy chocolate ice-cream
Homeschool - An Everyday Story
Child-led learning. When they are interested all you have to do is provide the materials. They do the rest.
peach tree - An Everyday Story
Peaches fresh from my dad’s tree.
peaches - An Everyday Story
My bounty. Sweet juicy peaches. One for my favourite parts of Christmas.
fresh peas - An Everyday Story
…and sweet fresh peas
Shelling peas - An Everyday Story
Sarah helped shell them for me…one for the bowl, two for her mouth
Reading in the car - An Everyday Story
Jack always reads in the car. I get terribly carsick just watching him read.
Feeding the birds - An Everyday Story
Making sure our friendly native birds stay nicely full.
Electronics - An Everyday Story
We picked up this electronics kit for Jack over the weekend to help him explore electricity in a very practical hands-on way. I’ll write a little more about it soon.

Snippets of our days. Our everyday story

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  1. These posts are my favourite. I look forward to them every week.

  2. Hi kate – I stumbled across you here when looking up thoughts about blue gum school. Have been thinking about hone schooling for some time. Do you get togethet with other home schoolers.And I loved reading about you and your family. Best- Susan

    1. Hi Susan

      I suppose you are in Canberra then 🙂 Yes we get together with many other homeschoolers. Canberra has a large and active homeschooling community. If you wanted to email me ( I would be more than happy to send on the details.

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