Jack catching bubbles - Christmas 2013 Jack popping bubbles - Christmas 2013 Jack playing bubbles - Christmas 2013 Jack running through bubbles - Christmas 2013 Sarah opening presents - Christmas 2013 Lovely Sarah - Christmas 2013 Sarah Stickers - Christmas 2013 Jack loving rainbow jelly - Christmas 2013 Sarah loving jelly too - Christmas 2013 Sarah and the slip and slide - Christmas 2013We are enjoying a most wonderfully relaxing couple of weeks with my in-laws on their beautiful 2 acre property just a short 10 minute drive from the beach.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas surrounded by those you hold dearest. Ours was a simple Christmas. No stress over the perfect Christmas table, no hyper-organisation, just lots of great conversations, backyard cricket, rainbow jelly and impromptu carols on a gloriously warm and sunny day.

We have a  couple more days here before heading home again. Just enough time to get a few more trips to the beach in.

Hope you all are having a lovely relaxing break too. xx

3 Replies to “Christmas”

  1. Kate,
    Happy Holidays. I love getting your updates. Very inspirational. The weather here in San Francisco was sunny and nice, but not as warm as you had. Would love to have you join us for our Children Learning with Nature Training Institute one year.

  2. Although it looks like fun, it just would be so strange for me to do summer things at Christmas time. LOL

  3. How gorgeous are your kids?!
    I’m also very jealous of the fact that you don’t have to worry about bindiis or bull ants so the kids can wander barefoot, we always have to wear shoes here

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