Beach Days

Grandad and Sarah at the Rock Pools - Christmas 2013 Jack and Sarah playing at the beach - Christmas 2013 Pt Cartwright - Christmas 2013 Playing at the Beach - Christmas 2013Those last couple days of a holiday go by so very quickly, don’t they? The weather has been perfect all week; long summer days and warm summer nights. Jack and Sarah played outside all day, only coming inside to rest. We didn’t bring any toys for them, we knew that the beach and my in-laws’ lush green horse property would be all the toys they needed. We were right.

Tomorrow we start the long drive home again. I’m excited and a little nervous about 2014. How much will it change? What will our days look like? I’ve made some plans, but they are very loose plans. It doesn’t feel like the start of a school year for me; I haven’t planned units. I like that. I hope I can keep this open sense of freedom going, this trust that Jack is learning all the time. But that is not to worry about now.

For now we have one more day left here. Enough time for one more trip to the beach.


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  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Kate. I look forward to seeing what new and wonderful things your children will experience and learn in 2014! I am venturing in a new journey…….I have retired from the field of early childhood education after 34 years to stay at home with my almost 1 year old grandson Eli (while his mummy and daddy (my son) are at work……..I will look to you for inspiration on my journey with Eli!!

    1. Hi Dee 🙂 What a wonderful new adventure for you and Eli. Jack and Sarah spent time with my mum every week while I work too. They love it and she wouldn’t change it for anything. I think it is so wonderful for children to have a strong relationship with their grandparents.

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