This Week… 2013

2013 was…

Sculpting an ant nest from clay - An Everyday Story

Reggio Emilia activities - clay and mirrors {An Everyday Story}

reggio light panel activities using cups and bricks {An Everyday Story}reggio activities using OHP - light mandalas {An Everyday Story}Montessori practical life peg practice activity {An Everyday Story}Outdoor play natural teepee {An Everyday Story}

open-ended art activities for toddlers {An Everyday Story}chalkboard blocks - An Everyday StoryPlaying with shaving cream - An Everyday StoryEmergent writing - An Everyday Story

Observational art - drawing dragonflies - An Everyday StoryReggio Activities - Exploring design with mirrors and loose parts - An Everyday Story Reggio activities - Lavender playdough - An Everyday Story Small world play - farm - An Everyday Story

Open-ended art - paint and collage - An Everyday Storyusing natural materials in the block corner - An Everyday Story

reggio art provocations with nature - An Everyday StoryExploring weight with scales and natural materials - An Everyday Storymaking imprints in play dough with natural materials - An Everyday Storya week of drawing - An Everyday StoryFarm small world play - An Everyday Storyart and inquiry basket - An Everyday Storywatercolours and oil pastel art - Reggio - An Everyday StoryTranslucent geoboard on the OHP - An Everyday StoryProject 52 An Everyday Story Equine Assisted TherapyConstructing - An Everyday StoryPreschool math - addition {An Everyday Story}Observational drawings - African animals - An Everyday Storychalk pastels - An Everyday Storysimple addition - An Everyday Storynative bird study - An Everyday StoryUsing watercolour pencils - a blue wren - An Everyday StoryReggio-inspired preschool homeschool: Greater than and less than {An Everyday Story}Drawing outside - An Everyday StoryAn Everyday Story - shapes and mirrorsAn Everyday Story - painting with watercoloursAn Everyday Story - growing plants from seedAn Everyday Story - drawing tree shadows with chalk

Imaginative play - An Everyday Story
Sarah’s play
World landmarks - An Everyday Story
Exploring world landmarks
Magnatiles and window blocks - An Everyday Story
Playing with natural light
Observing bugs - An Everyday Story
Observing bugs
Reggio-inspired Preschool Homeschool - An Everyday Story
Child-led learning
Shelling peas - An Everyday Story
Sarah shelling peas
Old Parliament House - An Everyday Story
Running in the sprinklers outside Old Parliament House

Snippets of our year. Our everyday story.

I wonder what 2014 will bring….

I am looking forward to sharing 2014 with you all. I am so very humbled and grateful for all of you this past year. I really enjoy sharing little snippets of our days with you. xx

8 Replies to “This Week… 2013”

  1. Amazing to see their many varied activities – very inspiring. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks Cade 🙂 It was a fun year.

  2. Kate, your photos and posts are always so inspiring. I’m a big fan of yours and can’t wait to see what you share with us in 2014. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Ann 🙂 I know that this year is going to be a busy and exciting year as we find our feet in this homeschooling thing. I hope I can share as much as I can and look forward to seeing what you guys get up to too 🙂

  3. What a beautiful, inspiring and curious year for you and your children Kate.
    I really must get some clay.

    1. You must Jackie! 🙂 It doesn’t have to be expensive. Recycled clay from a Potters’ Society is cheap and works just as well.

  4. You get up to such amazing stuff. And you are so good to photograph it all! I go days when I take a zillion photos and then weeks when I don’t pick the camera up at all…

  5. oooh so many intruiging and beautiful things 🙂 my art cupboard is almost identical to yours (in that its under the kitchen bench) but not quite so many amazing treasures. some wonderful ideas here. i just sorted mine out the other day and think having them a bit ordered and accessible makes it much more likely they get used! xx

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