This Week…

This week…

Creating words on a Geoboard - An Everyday Story.jpg
Creating words with the geoboard
Creating Letters - An Everyday Story.jpg
…and letters
Creating Shapes with a Geoboard - An Everyday Story.jpg
Sarah creating shapes
Oven Roasted Tomatoes - An Everyday Story.jpg
Slow oven roasted tomatoes headed for homemade pasta sauce. Mmmmm….
Lemon Lime Sorbet - An Everyday Story.jpg
I think I might have a slight addiction to homemade lemon lime sorbet… refreshingly good.
Enjoying Homegrown Cucumbers - An Everyday Story.jpg
Enjoying homegrown cucumbers
Drawing Shapes in Salt - An Everyday Story.jpg
Drawing shapes in coloured salt
Drawing Numerals in Salt - An Everyday Story.jpg
…and Jack practising correct stroke order
Playing with Window Blocks on the OHP - An Everyday Story.jpg
Pretend play with window blocks on the OHP
Translucent Geoboards on the Light Panel - An Everyday Story.jpg
Lots of working with light this week…these little translucent geoboards are fabulous
Monster Making Machine - An Everyday Story.jpg
A monster making machine
Drawing XRays with an OHP - An Everyday Story.jpg
Lots of questions about the body this week especially our bones. Here Jack and Sarah are tracing an x-ray image projected from the OHP ontoย a large piece of paper.
Drawing XRays on the Light Panel - An Everyday Story.jpg
…and here on the light panel with OHP markers

Exploring XRays on the Light Panel - An Everyday Story.jpg

Enlighten Festival - Horses from An Everyday Story
I spent a beautiful evening, just me and my dad, at the Canberra Enlighten Festival. These illuminated horses danced. They were mesmorising.
Enlighten Festival - Questacon from An Everyday Story
This is a our national science museum. At the festival, many of our major museums and galleries were beautifully illuminated with artistic projections. Really wonderful.

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A few of my favourites from this week

Playing with Magnatiles and a light rope from An Everyday Story
We haven’t had the light rope out in a while. I think the kids might have missed it.
Family Portrait from An Everyday Story
I stumbled upon this most wonderful family portrait
Natural Materials for Imaginative Play from An Everyday Story
Beautiful natural treasures in the cubby
Child-led Homeschooling from An Everyday Story.jpg
I took this photo just before dinner one evening. I’m torn between making ‘school hours’ or following their natural rhythms. A day of learning from the moment he wakes until dinner is a little exhausting for this mama.

From next week I’m hoping to start a weekly photo post on Fridays called This Homeschool Week. I’m hoping to share some snippets of what Jack and Sarah have been working on over the week as well as some of the materials and resources we’ve been using. I hope you enjoy it.

13 Replies to “This Week…”

  1. a beautiful week and i can see that 50mm is getting a good workout – stunning photos!!! lovely collection and always inspired by the simple creative ways you put activities together. Love the idea of your weekly posts and getting more ideas from them ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really loving the 50mm. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing but I think I’m getting better. I took it to the balloon festival the other morning and was a little disappointed in the shots so think I’ll have to read up on how to use it for low-dawn light.

  2. Your children are so very blessed to have such a creative Mumma! I always leave your space feeling so inspired. Thank-you so much for sharing you world ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. Thank you so much Steph. I always feel the same about your little space ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. I love your pictures and the way you let your kids explore their own interests.

  4. I always look forward to your posts and I’m very excited about your upcoming homeschool ones!

    1. Thanks Bethany. I’m hoping to get started this week on the homeschool posts but with a holiday on Monday and a pretty relaxed Tuesday it might be the week after ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll see how I go.

  5. Excited for the homeschool posts!

    1. Me too Sara ๐Ÿ™‚ We do a lot during the week but I’m pretty tired at the end of the day to blog about it so I thought a weekly post might help to keep me on track.

  6. Kate
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and you are thoroughly inspiring me with your enthusiasm, I need a shot every now and then. and have just realised you are a fellow Aussie:)

  7. Love the X ray tracing idea and doodling! Just so ingenious!

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