This Week…

This week…

This Week... a photo journal from An Everyday Story
My heart in my throat as those little legs found their footing and he went up and up
This Week... a photo journal from An Everyday Story
Mustering courage to go higher
This Week... a photo journal from An Everyday Story
She swings and she swings
A morning spent amongst friends celebrating Jack & Sarah's birthdays
A morning spent among friends celebrating Jack & Sarah’s birthdays
Some playdough for the kids. Lovely natural playdough with some shells, wood chips, cedar balls, pinecones and wire. A simple but engaging party activity.
Lavender cloud dough...messy but oh so much fun
Lavender cloud dough…messy but oh so much fun
...and some dinosaurs left over in the sand pit
…and some dinosaurs left over in the sand pit

 Our Homeschool Week…

We spent a lot of time away from home this week. I missed my post this week because I was cleaning the house like a mad-woman getting it ready for Jack and Sarah’s joint birthday party but here are a couple of photos from some of the learning we did at home.

Homeschool Kindergarten math
Creating patterns
Homeschool Kindergarten math
Some checkerboard patterning and constructive triangles
Homeschool Kindergarten Math
..interestingly Jack writes most everything backwards…
My new approach to writing seems to be inspiring Jack to write
My new approach to writing seems to be inspiring Jack to write
Learning about our body's systems
Learning about our body’s systems

Here’s the short animation Jack and Sarah are watching. I’ve also been asked where I bought the little easels…I picked them up from Lincraft (fabric and sewing store) a couple of years back for $4.95 each. I really recommend them. We use them all the time for books and other interesting stimuli.


So how has your week been? We’re off next week to visit my sister and my little niece. Pop back Tuesday though because  my lovely friend Rachel and I have a special series coming up for April and we’ll have a little sneak peek for you…


3 Replies to “This Week…”

  1. What a wonderful week! Happy birthday to Jack and Sarah! It looks like they had a great time.

  2. lydia purple says:

    Awesome playground!

    And yeah for a succesful writing inspiration. It’s a funny thing about writing backwards/mirrored. I see many kids do it, including my 4 year old daughter. I used to write mirrored in first grade, with my left hand. So my teacher suggested to try writing with my right hand and that solved it for me, though i was consistent backwards with my left hand. Now i can write with both hands both ways just for fun. I also can fluently read up side down. I can use scissors with both hands and draw with both hands (though i prefer right hand for precise things). It seems that my brain can process letters effectively no matter what direction. And i am fluent in 3 languages, where one is right to left and two are left to right oriented. My daughter also seems to be very much like me in areas like creativity, drawing and fine motor skills. Maybe it’s just a trade of free artistic minds to write backwards…

    1. I have had a few people tell me that creative minds write backwards, as well as left-handers 🙂 Jack is both so I guess I will just run with it. He has started to write more words correctly now with some letters still backwards. Whereas before he would start from the right side of the paper, now at least he starts from the left. It is really interesting watching him learn to write and experimenting with his language.

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