Preparing for Next Week| Day 5/6 – 30 Days TYP

Day 5 & 6

We’ve covered a lot this week, haven’t we? Over the weekend, take a bit of time to continue with your toy sorting and rearranging your play areas.

Next week we are going to start looking at explorations we can create which will appeal to our children’s interests. You’ll need some playdough and some clay.

For the playdough, I prefer plain homemade using the recipe on the back of the Cream of Tartar container. Leave out any colouring, this way it can act as a sensory base for your exploration rather than being the focus. If you can make a double batch then even better. You’ll need the playdough for Monday.

For the clay, if you’ve got a local Potters’ society, head over this weekend and pick up some recycled clay. It should be quite inexpensive. Otherwise try your local college or TAFE. You could also try art supply stores. You want sculpting clay, not air-dry clay. You won’t need the clay until Friday so you have a bit of time to find some.

Alright, have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday.

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 30 Days to Transform Your Play - Tapping into your child's interests to create more meaningful play {A series by An Everyday Story}

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3 Replies to “Preparing for Next Week| Day 5/6 – 30 Days TYP”

  1. Hi Kate,

    Could you describe what you mean by “sculpting clay”….not “air dry”? Do you mean clay used for ceramics: wheel thrown and hand built or something oil based for sculptures that never dries out? I have ceramic clay (that eventually dries, but not as fast as air dry) and I am curious if this is what you are suggesting for next week.


    1. Yep ceramic clay will be fine. I find the oil-based ones easier to work with for little hands but saying that at the moment we have a mixed bag of recycled clay that the kids use just fine. You just want something that will stay workable for a while.

  2. So this is a Canadian difference, lol, but we don’t have recipes on our cream of tartar jars — I generally make mine with 2 c flour, 2 c water, 1 c salt, 1 T cream of tartar and 1-2 T oil… is this similar, or could you share your recipe?

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