Preparing for Next Week | Day 12 & 13 – 30 Days TYP

30 Days to Transform Your Play | Day 12 & 13

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. We have something planned this weekend which I am so excited about… I’ll share some photos with you soon.

We have some great posts planned for you next week; one in particular that is really close to me heart. Of the five posts we have two explorations planned; paint on Tuesday and light on Thursday. If you don’t have a light panel or OHP don’t worry, we’ll be looking at both natural and artificial light… you could dust off any Christmas lights though if you have some.

And if you joined us a little late here’s what we’ve been exploring so far:

30 Days to Transform Your Play - Day 1DAY 1: Series introduction

DAY 2: Cull Toys

DAY 3: Improving a Play Space

DAY 4: Identifying an Interest

DAY 5/6: Weekend break

DAY 7: Exploring Playdough

DAY 8: Rethinking Art for Children

DAY 9: Constructing

DAY 10: Selecting Materials

DAY 11: Exploring Clay

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Have a lovely weekend.