Collaborating with Nature: Playful Learning

Nature Art Activities for children from An Everyday StoryI’m over on Playful Learning today with some art Jack, Sarah and I have had a lot of fun making lately.

Pop over and have a read. I’ve also included an Instagram hashtag so you can share your child’s (and yours…it’s fun, have a go!) creations.

See you over there.

Collaborating with Nature on Playful Learning

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  1. My 6 year old daughter was peeking over my shoulder the other day when I was viewing the photos on this post and she was very curious about them. We talked about the idea for a few minutes but left it at that. Then about a week later she quietly collected petals while we were walking in the neighborhood. When we got home she snuck into her room and emerged 10 minutes later with a very similar art piece! You really inspired her so thank you.

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