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Alain Gree My First Book of Nature Review  - An Everyday StoryWe have so many beautiful books in our little home library that I thought I would share a few with you from time to time. I know from your lovely emails that there are many book lovers among us and if you have a little toddler you are going to love this one.


Alain Gree My First Book of Nature Review - An Everyday StoryI have a beautiful little niece. She is 8 months old. She was born deaf. I’ve been looking for a really special book for her. Something simple yet charming, with clear illustrations that my sister could use to sign to my little niece. I think I found it in this beautiful board book.

Aren’t these illustrations just divine? Gorgeously vintage from French illustrator Alain Gree. I can’t wait to send it off to my little niece. I just wanted to show it to you all first.

Alain Gree My First Book of Nature Review - An Everyday Story Alain Gree My First Book of Nature Review - An Everyday StoryI am coming along with my AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language). I am not finding it as easy as I thought I would. I still feel quite awkward doing the signs. It is all so new to me. I am enjoying it though, and it’s important for us to learn so I am persevering. I know it will click soon. I am looking forward to seeing my little niece again soon and talking with her.


You can purchase Alain Gree’s My First Book of Nature through Booktopia

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  1. Oh my, those illustrations are divine!

  2. Love the illustrations Kate, lovely book that I hadn’t come across before. A friend of mine has just trained in Auslan and she signs to her 3 year old daughter who can hear – such a great skill to learn. And I noticed on the Duggars (the show I mentioned the other day) they all learn to sign too.

  3. It looks lovely. I’ve also been trying everywhere to get a copy of Children of the world you featured a while back with no luck 🙁

  4. My brother is deaf. I can’t tell you what it will mean for your niece and her family if you learn to sign. Deafness so often isolates people in their own families. Good luck! And beautiful book.

  5. Beautiful! Those illustrations are divine!

  6. Love the illustrations!

  7. I adore the illustrations!

  8. Just beautiful. They remind me of vintage books but with the modern vibrant colours. Soooo stunning!

  9. What a great find, books like this become so special to little ones!

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