Something to Entice Them out of the Cold

Loose Parts Provocation - An Everyday Story
After two days of rain, our backyard (which is now completely devoid of grass since we cleared it to make way for our new homeschool studio) has become a delightful mud bath for Jack and Sarah.

The sun finally came out though and the kids were having the most wonderful time in the mud that I really didn’t want to bring them in. However even though the sun was shining, when you’ve been playing in the mud all morning, 12 degrees (53F) isn’t quite warm enough to be wet and muddy for hours. So a little temptation was needed to encourage them in.

Loose Parts Provocation - An Everyday StoryI cheekily set up this loose parts exploration next to the lounge room window. With a few pieces out to pique their interest, it didn’t take long for them to spy it.

Loose Parts Provocation 10 - An Everyday Story Loose Parts Provocation 9 - An Everyday Story Loose Parts Provocation 3 - An Everyday Story Loose Parts Provocation 4 - An Everyday Story Loose Parts Provocation 5 - An Everyday Story Loose Parts Provocation 2 - An Everyday Story

And isn’t their creation just divine?! So intentional. So beautiful.  Sarah (3.5 yrs) made most of it; with great focus, she placed a mirror here and a rock there until she declared ‘The Emerald City’ was finished.

Here’s a little video of her working away beautifully (Jack’s making a yellow brick road). They worked away at it in between other games; adding extra pinecones and admiring different stones.

Loose Parts Provocation - An Everyday Story

A simple reset of the canvas (after a tornado sweep through and demolished the city) and Jack and Sarah were inspired to create again this morning.

Later Sarah returned to create some more ‘lovely patterns’ (You can see her in this lovely video).

This little creation is still there by the lounge room window. I wonder how they will add to it tomorrow as they soak up the morning sun.

9 Replies to “Something to Entice Them out of the Cold”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. My son is newly 3, when I introduce loose parts play he is interested and plays for a short time. But almost every session ends with loose parts thrown all over the room! Is he he too young? Do I need to stop the play before it ends in chaos? Do you have any advice? I love the idea, but I am starting to dread it and find myself avoiding tiny pieces.

    1. Jack and Sarah were the same too for a long time. I stopped offering loose parts to Jack until he was about 3.5 because he would design with them for about 5 minutes but mostly enjoyed dumping and throwing them. So I made him a sensory table instead where he could pour and dump to his heart’s content. I think if he is enjoying dumping then I would probably put away the loose parts which are mostly used for design and imaginative play and replace them with ones he can pour and dump with.

  3. so enchanting! i just love all the elements and feel tempted to dive in myself 🙂 just shows how creatvie they can be when presented w those enticing options. i really want to expand our loose parts collection now 🙂

    1. I am a bit of a sucker for loose parts. I love those little mirrors.They are so inviting and the kids create the most divine creations.

  4. What an inspiring provocation and their designs are just divine!

  5. I love this! I will be on the lookout for beautiful little pieces like this for my children to use to create.

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