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Karate Grading - An Everyday Story

This Week - A weekly photo journal from An Everyday Story

This week in our child-led homeschool…

This week I really wanted to make an effort to get out in nature. I feel like we haven’t nearly spent enough time among the trees lately.

This week we took a bushwalk. I still remember the days when Jack would tire after a hundred metres. It’s times like these that I can see just how far he has come with his physiotherapy.

This week we walked happily; stopping to investigate wildflowers, wombat burrows and ant nests for 2.5kms…. 2 hours later we returned, exhausted but happy, to the car.

An Everyday Story

They stopped to collect feathers, sticks, flowers and many other beautiful treasures.An Everyday Story An Everyday StorySarah wanted me to take a photo of all the wildflowers. An Everyday StoryA new collection of treasures for her mantel.An Everyday Story

Now that the weather is warmer, we really have no excuse not to be out in nature more often.
An Everyday Story

We also had a lovely afternoon at the creek. We haven’t visited the creek since last summer. It was so nice to be back. They played until the sun started to set.

An Everyday Story An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

Margaret Atwood

An Everyday StoryThis week Jack went for his yellow belt in karate. My heart was in my throat as he took his spot next to all the other kids being graded. He was in a new environment with new teachers. I was so nervous that it would all be too overwhelming for Jack.  But he was incredible. He was focussed, excited and so full of joy. An Everyday Story

When one of the teachers noticed Jack was having difficulty balancing for his kicks, she gently knelt down and offered her arm. My chest tightened. An Everyday StoryAnd after a two-hour assessment, Jack was awarded his yellow belt. He did it. All on his own and so full of confidence.

Snippets of our days; our everyday story


Now pop over to my lovely friends and see how they spent their week. And as always, leave a link in the comments if you have a wrap-up post or share a picture on our Facebook page.

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This Week | A Photographic Journal


10 Replies to “This Week… | A Photo Journal of Our Child-led Homeschool”

  1. Beautiful photographs Kate. What lovely learning moments you’ve captured.

    1. Thanks Sara 🙂 He was so incredibly proud of himself. This last week has been full of drawings and stories about a little boy who tried so hard at Karate that he got a yellow belt 😀 So sweet.

      1. Oh that is just the sweetest!

  2. Really enjoying the weekly snapshots. Jack looks like he is loving karate! How old was he when he started? I’m thinking of starting lessons for my son when he turns four next year, but I’m not sure. Any positives/negatives that you could share?

    1. Thanks Peach. Jack has only been doing Karate for about 4 months. So he was a little over 5 when he started (which is the youngest you can start here).

      We chose Karate because we needed a physical activity which could be used as physiotherapy for Jack. We tried soccer for a year and he did enjoy it but it was getting to the stage of social games and Jack was being left behind which upset him.

      I like karate because it’s still a social situation but each child mostly works independently. The kids play some games together and they spar 1-on-1 sometimes but mostly they work by themselves. This is very empowering for Jack because he only has to focus on what he is doing rather than trying to keep up with others.

      One thing I had to come to terms with is that it is a martial art and so they are teaching the children to fight. It’s done in a very civil and disciplined manner but essentially it’s still fighting. But really that is just something in me. Jack (and the rest of the class) know that it is a sport and that they only fight when they are at Karate.

      It can be an expensive sport with the uniforms and class fees and things so maybe you could see if you could do a couple trial lessons to see if your son might enjoy it.

      I think 4 might be a little young. They do need to be able to listen to the instructor as a group and then do the movements on their own which I think Jack would have struggled with at 4. Even now at 5, he is one of the youngest and they need extra attention to keep them focussed.

      1. Thanks for the advice, Kate. I’ve always thought martial art would be a great thing for kids to learn for so many reasons. Though, like you, I was worried that he might carry over his “fighting lessons” to other arenas. I don’t want him karate kicking his little sister!
        The school where I live does offer “little dragons” courses for 4 – 7 year olds but I might wait until he is closer to 5. I plan for his little sister to learn too when she is old enough. You are right, it will get expensive!

  3. oh my, the pic of Jack w his hand on his teacher’s arm got me a bit welled up too!!! can just feel your mama pride bursting from this post, as well it should. what a little champ he is, and I love how he has flourished w so much support and care. beautiful! Love the outdoorsy shots too, just perfect weather for getting out and about huh! 🙂

    1. I think I did too when she walked over. She was so gentle. She really supported him just enough to still have him feeling confident and empowered but not so much that he felt he couldn’t do it and needed help.

      You don’t see that often and I think that is what made me well up a little too 🙂

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