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This week in our child-led homeschool…

This week I did a HUGE cull of our house. For most of the week our house looked like a small tornado had swept through but oh how great it feels now to have the weight of so much clutter lifted. I went through every drawer and every cupboard.

It’s good to go through our things. As we grow and our lives change, our attachments to different things change. What was sentimental or useful two years ago, is just clutter now. I realised this this week. After not teaching for nearly five years, I have finally been able to let go of the rest of my teaching resources. They were just clutter now.

It feels nice to have room to breathe in our home again.

Here’s a little more of what we got up to this week…

An Everyday Story

Jack made a fabulous race track complete with deadly lava obstacles. He returned to this several times over the week, building more race tracks. I’m thinking how I can help build on this new interest. An Everyday Story

Sarah made these adorable people. I LOVE how her Spielgaben people look just like her drawn people with their legs starting from the heads and their bodies on top! 🙂

An Everyday Story


An Everyday Story An Everyday Story An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

Ten Frame Activities - An Everyday Story

Maths this week. Throughout the week the kids have time where we focus on their projects but I also do short focussed learning lessons with Jack.

Sarah has been really keen to join in lately and so this week she worked on counting one to five (with one-to-one correspondence) with numbers while Jack worked on one to ten with words.

An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

The light rope came out to play again this week. An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

We’ve been learning about recycling this week. The kids and I are excited to explore this further. They’ve been asking a lot of questions about rubbish lately; where it goes, why we sort it, why we compost – how the compost works. It’s great.

An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

My girl taking care of the garden. An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

Sarah checking on her latest batch of pressed flowers. An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

This week was really warm. Warm enough to get the paddle pool…

An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

And get all kinds of deliciously wet. Jack and Sarah thought it was quite wonderful to mix up a chalky paint and paint each other’s hair. An Everyday Story| Child-led Homeschooling

Little eyes full of wonder. I took this photo on our bus trip as Jack stared out the window.

Best Chocolate Cupcake Recipe - An Everyday Story

The most delicious, richest, smoothest can-not-stop-at-one (or two) chocolate cupcakes ever. Strawberries - An Everyday Story

Looked what I spied in the garden. Homegrown Strawberries - An Everyday Story

The kids always steal them before I can get to them. This one was all for me! Waiting at the Airport - An Everyday Story

Daddy was away on business this week. Instead of parking in the passenger pick-up, I drive around the corner so the kids could watch his plane land. Sarah waited; watching each person walk off the plane. She missed her daddy so desperately.


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Some of the materials Jack and Sarah are using:

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  1. Lovely pictures and great ideas! Thank you. Maybe you can give Jack some materials to build bridges and mountains with valleys for his train track. It could introduce a 3D element to his amazing designs. Just a thought. 🙂

  2. Lovely week! Love the rope light. And Sarah’s little people!

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