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Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

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A little while back I saw that Jess from Memoirs of a Childhood offered her girls Blu-Tack as a modelling material. I thought it was so cool. I’d never offered Blu-tak to Jack (5.5 yrs) and Sarah (3.5 yrs) before. And it’s such a wonderful material; it’s sticky but not messy. You can mould it and stretch it. Plus it’s reusable.

The kids used up a whole pack in one very epic play session. Here’s a few of their creations.

Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

Jack made these really awesome powerlines. Complete with a transformer 🙂 He is still interested in electricity. It has definitely been his longest standing interest to date. Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

And this really sweet apple tree. Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

This little blue guy inspected the power station. Yep all in order. Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

And Sarah made a little person too. Spielgaben Activities from An Everyday Story

All in this really fabulous little town. Next time you’re at the supermarket, throw some Blu-Tack in the trolley. It’s really is an awesome modelling material.


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6 Replies to “Exploring a New Material”

  1. Wao we saw your insta’s photo today and my boy wanted to play as well. He told me is a playground and we have no idea you are using blue tac! And surprisingly my boy also used some blue tac and sticked his block to build it like a house. He just took the blue tac and sticked it himself. I also never thought of it! Will need to get more blue tac!!

  2. I’m starting to get spooked by how often I’ll have an idea and then almost immediately read a post by you doing the same thing!

    I just bought some blu-tac to use with some loose parts on the weekend. I suspect ours won’t be as visually appealing as yours, though.

  3. I’ve never heard of this stuff, thanks for the post!

  4. This makes me want to have more kids!

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