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This Week - A weekly photo journal from An Everyday Story

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This week in our child-led homeschool…

Thank you all so much for all your beautiful comments, messages and emails sending us so much love after the loss of our dog, Hunter. I was touched more than you’ll know.

We are all working through our grief in our own ways.

An Everyday Story

Sarah (3.5 yrs) has been drawing a lot of pictures to help her process her grief. This is a picture of her and Jack, ‘because Hunter isn’t here anymore.’ She’s also been playing a lot of pretend games where she takes her toy animals to the vet because, ‘it’s time to say goodbye.’ 

There has also been a lot to be happy about this week. Here’s a couple of pictures from last week and some from this week.

An Everyday Story

I don’t even know how to describe the intensely creative personality that is Jack (5.5 yrs). Here he wanted me to take a series of photos of him in very serious superhero poses. There was no laughing here (well maybe a little from me on the inside). Just very serious superhero business.

He created the costume himself; carefully selecting each piece. It’s superb.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them.

An Everyday Story An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

I got these magnetic easels recently and they have inspired so much play!! Jack and Sarah both love them. I have left the easels out on the playroom table with some magnetic foam shapes for the week and the kids have returned to them everyday; several times a day.

An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

Lots of play around racetracks this week. I am still trying to see where Jack wants to go with this but it is definitely a new area of interest worth exploring in more depth. An Everyday Story

My in-laws came to stay for a few days this week which was lovely. We don’t get to see them nearly enough. Nanny very graciously offered to paint the kids’ toenails. And didn’t Jack and Sarah think that was the best thing ever!!

An Everyday Story An Everyday StoryAn Everyday Story

My little urban homesteading adventures continue. I’ve been trying to throw out as little of our food as possible. This week I made some deliciously smooth lemon butter (seriously good and seriously dangerous…it calls to me in the fridge) and then used the lemon peels to make some natural all-purpose cleaner; leaving no waste. Win 🙂

An Everyday Story

Hot days mean lots of time spent outside in the art area (followed of course by a clean-up in the paddle pool). I definitely feel like we are slowing down for the year. December will be filled with activities from our advent calendar and I think the rest of November will be filled with slow days outside.

Here’s a sweet video of Sarah singing while she paints 🙂

An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

A little marble painting with tempera and wallpaper paste paint. Jack and Sarah LOVE to squeeze. Here’s a short Instagram video of them playing.

An Everyday Story An Everyday Story An Everyday Story

A little fairy playing with her dollhouseWooden Dollhouse - An Everyday Story

Some Spielgaben remnants of play. This one is a house with a garden. Spielgaben House - An Everyday Story

And a boat in the ocean.Spiegaben Boat - An Everyday Story

This week I put out the coloured Sharpies. Permanent markers are such wonderful materials to work with. They are so responsive and make such satisfying marks. BUT Jack and Sarah need to use them under constant supervision. These pens do NOT come off!Best Watercolours for Children - An Everyday Story

Next time you’re at the hardware store, pick up some non-toxic wallpaper paste powder. Just a single teaspoon in a squeezy bottle of coloured water makes glorious goo. It’s just gooey enough for the coloured water not to mix straight away and so makes beautiful colourful mess to play inSensory Activities for Children - An Everyday Story Simple Sensory Activities for Children  - An Everyday Story

A few weeks ago I signed up for an International Gift Exchange on Childhood 101. We were excited to get our giftee; a little boy in Canada. This week we bought him a small gift and Jack wrote a letter introducing himself. We also looked up Canada in our atlas and learnt a little more from our Maps book.

We even looked up his address on Google Earth and had a look around the neighbourhood which the kids thought was REALLY cool. Letter Writing for Children - An Everyday Story

Our giftee likes dinosaurs so Jack drew a couple dinosaurs at the bottom of his letter. Writing Letters with Children - An Everyday Story

Sarah drew a picture to send off too. Drawing Pictures - An Everyday Story

And my favourite photo from this week. Two very happy fairies casting spells. Fighting Gender Stereotypes in Children - An Everyday Story

How was your week? If you got up to something fun this week, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. I have something a little lovely to share with you next week (although if you follow me on Instagram, you’d already know 😉 )


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9 Replies to “This Week | A Photo Journal of our Child-led Homeschool”

  1. Your family is so inspiring. We just started “unschooling” but we’re also inspired by a few different types of homeschooling (reggio, waldorf, charlotte mason). I just started a blog about it as well. I hope one day mine can be as fun and inspiring as yours. It’s one of my favorites already. Sorry about Hunter. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  2. I think I tell you every week how much I love your blog. I always get so many new ideas to try. I am having a wonderful time being a child led home. Here is our week

  3. Thanks for sharing your week I love reading these posts! I have been trying to do my own & was really excited about doing it last night but our computer won’t turn on (eeeek – thankgoodness I’m all backed up)!! Will definitely get some wall paper paste soon, looks brilliant!!! Those super hero photos are so cute!!

  4. Beautiful! I think I need some wallpaper paste powder! My kids love squeezy bottles too, especially Miss 3. This would make them last longer, lol. Actually maybe a bit of cornflour would work too, might give it a try.
    So sorry about your dog, but what great examples of how kids work through their feelings through play xx

  5. Allison Graham says:

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

  6. There is so much I love in this post! The photos of super Jack, the lemon butter (recipe please!), the wallpaper paste tip, and of course, the gift exchange 🙂 You look like you are having such a deliciously good time! xx

  7. What a great idea with the wall paper paste! I hope you share that lemon butter recipe sometime…

  8. Hi there, I am so inspired/ in love with your blog. I go to it for resources ALWAYS. My son is also five and he has a little brother who is just now turning three months. I have a question for you…. Could you share what your daily routine is at your house? I have the darndest time keeping with a solid rhythm around here with all of the chores around the homestead, and I want to prioritize my son’s learning time. If you get a chance to chime in on this, it would be dearly appreciated!
    Thanks again for all your beauty,
    Kymber, Zen, and Ahlyas

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